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Ning Bo is released international technology camp reported first half of the yea
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Ning Bo examines office of quarantine bureau WTO was released recently " each country is technical first half of the year 2008 trade measure reports " . According to this report, food industry is the industry that camp of current international technology pays close attention to most, safe environmental protection is technical camp involves most subject.

It is reported, first half of the year WTO (World Trade Organization) receive 1303 to come from each member to be reported unqualifiedly about importing a product in all, and most is the bulletin that allows to wait for side issue about mark of standard of processing technique of food safety, food, check. Category product is eaten in what be reported in, the product that involves peaceful wave company has 9 batches, among them 5 batches exceed bid for the bacterium, additionally 4 batches exceed for chloromycetin respectively harmful and chemical material exceeds bid in mark, rubber packing sheet, do not accord with American FDA (food medicines and chemical reagents runs committee) the photograph about food attention book puts on record and appear on the market the requirement of the sale.

First half of the year, country and the area such as European Union, United States, Japan rolled out new technical code in succession, environmental protection became the safety of product of food safety and toy product, electronic electric equipment to involve most standard.

Report the analysis thinks, the developed country still is the whole world technical the dominant power that trade barrier expands, current, the influence of technical camp and diffusion effect are more and more apparent, finer and finer to importing the standard of the product to set, the requirement is more and more slashing also, what must cause export business is enough take seriously.

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