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"Rich is met in " earnestly of small company of Su Zhong of the upper Changjiang
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In September the last ten-day of a month, I save all of 13 city that save administer to form a delegation the fair of China International medium and small businesses that plays to be held in Guangzhou, the area was exhibited to install 170 to exhibit in 3. This is my province attends " in rich is met " all previous establish exhibit a stage to exhibit a most, ginseng to postpone a business most. 0 distances contact discovers medium and small businesses of wide generous of reporter and face, "Financing, innovation, environment " medium and small businesses pays close attention to 3 topics most.

   Capital favors " the fish that creates value "

"Capital, it is the main factor that perplexes medium and small businesses all the time. " in " China International medium and small businesses appears on the market financing invests forum " the spot, jiangsu Mr Zhang that prosperous group is engaged in financing working for years says frankly, actually, now socially capital not very be short of, each bank hopes to find next homes of loan; The key of the problem, it is these investment borrow money how to fall to body of medium and small businesses. Make a figure of speech, capital resembles a cat same, go searching a fish everywhere, especially the fresh fish, fish that creates value. Below current economic background, how " let a bank pay close attention to you " , the enterprise wants when doing financing mature to this, should be in oneself project it is clear that the latent capacity in the industry, distant view, redound is told; If had done these, not orgnaization of anxious banking product does not stand by you. Additional, the enterprise learns to seek an opportunity even, build with these financial orgnaizations long-term strategical relation.

"We are right the interest of Chinese medium and small businesses, should get greatly than what you envisage much. " in " in rich is met " on, economy of Asia-Pacific of British London chamber of commerce develops the Xiao Yan side presiding apparitor to laughing to say. Bian Xiaoyan is this second " in rich is met " flower controller of business of square wave action, also be England several investment bank is entrusted come to China of explore wind " advance troops " .

Bian Xiaoyan expresses, investment bank of England special value Jiangsu, because Jiangsu has a large number of high grade medium and small businesses; But these enterprises encountered development bottleneck generally at present, namely " capital is insufficient " and " devoid international eye shot " . In home market give change not the medium and small businesses of fruit, need delivers the view to " abroad appear on the market " this road, lend this breakthrough bottleneck, collect arrives capital, at the same time impact international market.

   "Broken chrysalis is changed butterfly " the one and only way
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