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Exit toy drafts new rule to ban with send quick flavor
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Business company on October 7 dispatch a few days ago, tripartite of a Sino-US Europe boosts the activity of safety of Chinese toy product first degrees jointly, by Yu Wei of commission of American consumer safety " unprecedented " the the Three Kingdoms is held in Guangzhou about the high-level grand meeting of toy product.

In the United States " 2008 consumable safety improves proposed law " of become effective same a month, european parliament publishs a report, the requirement edits new statement is second reading, make stricter provision to the responsibility of toy importer. As we have learned, this one new statement still is in brew period, hopeful next year is formal become effective. According to new regulation, prohibit using all allergic material in the toy. This instruction puts the toy in the entrance to be decided into guild regulations to offerring children, prohibit be being used in the toy send quick flavor.

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