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" wool cloth with soft nap, cloth makes toy safety and quality " national level
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Because produce accident of children toy safety time and again, toy product quality has caused the serious attention of manufacturer, businessman and parent. Recently, countrywide toy standardizes technical committee to divulge, already carried out nearly 15 years " wool cloth with soft nap, cloth makes toy safety and quality " national level already was finished edit, new bid brigadier is carried out at will rising on September 1. Media knows undermentioned news in the standard anew: The plastic little thing that wool cloth with soft nap, cloth makes a toy cannot disassemble should be assembled firm, in the regulation active force falls, won't produce disintegrate, depart, and surface of plastic spare parts is differred without clear color, be out of shape, crackle and nick. Besides safe element, the standard still makes a toy to wool cloth with soft nap, cloth " expression " raise specific requirement: Decorative thread should the place is proper, this will promote the authenticity of the vivid sex of this kind of toy and expression greatly.

Well-known, resemble holding toy of ursine cloth with soft nap waiting for wool in the arms, it is the close associate of children not only, also be regarded as by a lot of grown girls " the cater-cousin in boudoir " . Consequently, the quality of toy product nots allow to ignore. However, quite one part enterprise is not familiar to toy production, do not know a level, devoid major designs staff, craft level is low, product quality cannot get assuring effectively. Concerned expert points out, although the toy is " small " product, but involve a lot of subject such as psychology of plastic, textile, electronics, aesthetic, children however. Accordingly, the toy product that should produce a real security, high quality is not easy thing. Because the toy produces a business miscellaneous, random, much, lack unified, active management, make product quality is couldn't get assure, a lot of toys let the parent be at ease hard. Occasionally, what parent beautiful money buys is not happiness and joy, meet the child cause harm to lead to tragic even instead. According to the report, be in the United States, average and annual because the accident harm of the toy is sent into the hospital,have the name is 14 years old of 13 thousand the following children, have the child that the half is age dissatisfaction 5 years old about among them. Although our country lacks relevant statistical number, but in causing an accident to often appear in the ill case of each hospital. According to Beijing the statistic of some children hospital makes clear, the case that because the toy causes harm to children,this courtyard handles every year amounts to tens of removing. In these case of illness, some are the blemish that go up because of toy products plan and quality, some are to use incorrect cause. Car of toddle of go-cart of tricycle of the children bicycle that total bureau of national qualitative check ever organized center of national toy quality inspection to wait for the production that visit town to sell to Shanghai and Beijing, Zhejiang 1999, children, children, baby, cloth controls wool cloth with a soft nap or pile on one or either side toy, dynamoelectric kind the toy, selectived examination in all 98 kinds of products of 67 companies production, sale. The result makes clear, eligible 48 kinds, sampling percent of pass is only 49% , among them percent of pass is highest person for 62.5% , and the percent of pass of infantile toddle car is actually 0; More those who make a person amazed is, the filler of toy of cloth with soft nap of a few wool is a few rubbish unexpectedly sundry. In ever since all previous is supervised in selectiving examination, although the quality of toy product has rise, but overall condition still makes a person anxious. As to a few " roadside inn " , " mountain fastness factory " of production " 3 without " toy, it is to give teenager children to bring not small menace more.
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