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Safety performance of toy conveying the beauty guards a pass analysis
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The United States is the toy spending market with the biggest whole world, also be Chinese toy basically loses past country. According to statistic of total bureau of national qualitative check, 2007 1-10 month, because safety performance does not accord with laws and regulations of American toy safety to ask, the China that is instructed to reclaim by CPSC makes toy and juvenile products in all 151 batches, among them toy 51 batches. How to close the safety performance of toy of United States of exit of good our country, make sure toy safety quality does not give an issue, it is all and relevant foreign trade, enterprise, examine the responsibility place of the respect such as quarantine. We serve as examine the toy major of quarantine system detects lab, responsible, accountability from technical angle, the level of toy safety quality that the help raises our country to export the United States. Ask from the safety performance technology of American toy below and common safety performance is unqualified two big fields, the risk of safety performance quality that will discuss toy of exit United States and had done guard a pass accordingly the job.

  One, proper understanding and requirement of understanding toy safety performance

Function of the mechanical physics that toy safety performance basically includes a toy, combustion, chemical, report 4 respects, be opposite as people the cognitive rate of toy safety performance is higher and higher, also expand gradually at present the other limits such as biology safety, environmental protection.

Function of toy machinery physics involves range wider, not only the physical target that includes toy material, still include the structure of the toy and intensity requirement; Toy burning behavior is toy material when contacting igneous source, whether to catch fire, whether degree of combustion, flaming; Toy chemistry function basically includes two fields, it is toy material in but the content of element of migratory and harmful heavy metal, it is a toy in other and toxic harmful substance.

The safety performance risk of the toy, basically be to show whether the product exists insecure and whether to form pair of children to harm, and the degree of harm. Once American toy market discovered the safety performance of the toy is unqualified, this relevant agency that approves a toy and manufacturing business are about to be reported and responsible and relevant answer knock off to make.

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