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Shan Yu desire comes - shallow analyse HR4040 is reached to the influence of Chi
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If say to numerous Chinese toy manufacturer, 2008 it is a pressure is as eventful as what the challenge coexists autumn, so, of HR4040 coming on stage is blast of a heavy-duty bomb opened whole toy industry undoubtedly, like a rising wind and scudding clouds, in the entered a reshuffle pattern with Chinese toy inevitable industry. So how does HR4040 arise, will be it made to China what kind of influence to bring?

H.R. 4040 origin

Be in the United States, can become almost 2007 " consumable recall year " , involved product is very much, basically food of toy, pet, seafood, gem, toothpaste waits. Have the frequent recall of product of safe hidden trouble, although potential harm avoided on certain level, but also warned American customer: Consumable safety of the United States supervises a system to did not have enough screen effect. So, a series of after recall, a lot of people of American and team condemn a government strongly to did not prevent the product that has potential risk effectively to place goods shelves, through all sorts of ways legislative of requirement United States improves its consumable safety to supervise a mechanism.

It is under this scene, by force of the pressure of numerous people, on August 14, 2008, american president Bush signs a parliament the 4040th draft resolution (H.R. 4040) , have go into effect with this day, its full name is " consumable was improved 2008 case " (Consumer Product Improvement Act Of 2008) . To build American citizen offset afresh cost tastes the confidence of safety and government, this act is right existing American consumable committee (Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC) had new authorization, strengthened CPSC greatly the action in making sure American consumable is safe, reach in children toy especially nurse the supervisory function respect of the product, reached unprecedented height.

H.R. What is the to children product requirement of 4040

To most the requirement of the lead that gets attention, h.R. The 4040 drops plumbic content gradually law programs that established formula of an a flight of stairs, the plumbic content that it asks children product base material is medium uses time of 3 years, reduce 100ppm from 600ppm, the plumbic content that waits for exterior coating in paint uses time of a year to fall from 600ppm to 90ppm.

Additional, h.R. The rate that the content of ester of 2 formic acid should lower the 4040 adjacent benzene in trying children product even to cannot be added of purpose (DEHP/DBP/BBP by permanent prohibit, DINP/DIDP/DNOP is prohibited temporarily, evaluate what await the United States to endanger advisory body chronically even further, decide next permanent prohibit) .

H.R. ASTM F 963 of 4040 United States' existing children toy standard introduces directly in this act, from this, this standard had clear legal effectiveness. In the meantime, the requirement should have code on all children product trace to the source information, every product is OK date from comes manufacturing batch.
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