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European Union new rule exports toy of bang our country
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Our country is the biggest toy production country on the world, on the bazaar goods shelves of world each district, the toy has an in part almost more even be Chinese production. It is the motivation that the center is development of industry of our country toy in order to export, the exit that waits for developed country and area to the United States, European Union, Hong Kong and Japan especially held quite large proportion.

Germany " zoology checks " detect when the magazine announces recently report. This report undertakes detecting to 30 kinds of toys, the result discovered benzene of adjacent of harmful and chemical composition in 24 kinds of toys salt of 2 formic acid, included Bobby baby among them. As a result of Bobby baby " cause cancer " incident, board of European Union minister in France on December 14, 2005 Sitelasibao signed to aim to restrict adjacent benzene the law of salt of 2 formic acid. Decretal provision, DEHP(adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 2 oneself ester) , DBP(adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 2 fourth ester) with BBP(adjacent benzene fourth ester of phenyl of 2 formic acid) the scale in plastic toy and juvenile products must not exceed 0.1% ; In the toy that children can put into the mouth and things, DINP(adjacent benzene 2 formic acid ester of 2 different Ren) , DIDP(adjacent benzene 2 formic acid ester of 2 different the last of the ten Heavenly Stems) with DNOP(adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 2 laborious ester) scale also must not exceed 0.1% .

Salt of 2 formic acid regards adjacent benzene as plasticizer there is wide application in plastic industry, besides fill toy and intellective toy, there is plastic part in major toy. And toy industry of China is development expands and come on foundation of small manual industry, in the production of the toy material chooses the administrative measure that goes up to was not made clear, get extremely easily the influence of technical camp. More than and plastic kind of toy, in May 2006 plush toy of China violates a ban because of containing azo dyes, recall suffers in Germany. Toy product of China is by right of its price advantage is in all the time position of establishment of developed country market, but face higher and higher character demand, chinese toy is sure to inflict heavy losses on in European Union market.

Chinese enterprise must expedite the research and development that replaces data and application to redeem European market, strengthen an enterprise to reach the research and development of toy function respect in material, at the same time the enterprise is chosen in material reach purchase a respect to need to build rigid administrative system, close good quality in enterprise interior. The qualification test that respect of our country government ought to do good toy to export a company and quality control work, assure our country toy to establish good figure stage by stage in market of European etc developed country. (Article author: Qiu Dengke)
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