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Industry of our country toy is faced with green camp to upgrade
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In August the last ten-day of a month, european parliament publishs a report, the requirement edits new statement is second reading, make stricter provision to the responsibility of toy importer. According to new regulation, prohibit using all allergic material in the toy, and any sending cancer, lure the material that change or endangers human fecundity; Prohibit produce and be being sold a certain number of kind the toy that does not accord with other way exemple to include to cosmetic dictates and dictate about what contact stock with food. This instruction still puts the toy in the entrance to undertake formulary to offerring children, prohibit be being used in the toy send quick flavor.

As we have learned, this instruction the end of the year carries out become effective formally. And before before long of the United States " 2008 consumable safety improves proposed law " formal also go into effect, establish safe standard to juvenile products.

Industry is senior when the personage accepts a reporter to interview, express, in suffer global economy be issued to lower levels and demand slow down, raw material to rise in price, labor cost raises wait for element influence, below the circumstance that profit of whole of domestic toy industry drops apparently, new proposed law of new statement of European Union toy and United States is one disaster after another undoubtedly, company exit risk is steep add.

Show according to association statistic data, this year 1, in July, the whole sale of company of toy of justice black city drops compared to the same period 20 % left and right sides. The wool interest rate of company of toy of in former years is maintained in 7 % , 10 % , and there are 5 % only this year, 8 % , lowest has 3 % left and right sides only.

Vice-chairman of Chinese toy association expresses before long before bridge plum, toy 3C attestation and export license management are current emphasis. Since incident of recall of company of beautiful last year peaceful, foreign media still is made with China say a thing, each American cities establish 1111 standards about toy quality in all, very tall to the requirement of toy quality. She says, chinese toy association will continue to identify inspect with the country appoint with the country qualitative check total bureau is communicated, the coordinate and divides association with foreign ministry communication work that continues to do good market to superintend.

Solidarity is force

When in Chinese toy course of study exports atrophy, the toy of a few countries exports area of southeast Asia and other places to present the state that rises steadily however. According to Thailand " world daily " will report on August 28, red of chairman of association of Thailand toy trade knows to divulge, the exit forehead first half of the year climbs Thailand toy this year litre of 20 % , the increase rate of American market achieves 30 % first half of the year.
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