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Sound of the i-mu tai chi Feifei Bonnie went to the strange new speaker
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"Book" says: "Easy Tai Chi, beginning two appearances, astrotech Health and four images, four images and raw gossip." Brief Account Shu: "Tai Chi that the world is not divided prior to mixing and is a strength, that is was in the beginning, too much of a people. " Tai Chi Speaker Speaker i-mu Edit to introduce to you a very unique product, that is, by the magic ring Shenzhou (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. in the mid-year launch of a unique shape of the i-mu Tai Chi speakers. Bold use of this product of China's "Tai Chi" element, and broke through the conventional impression of the speakers we shape design ideas, giving a very amazing experience. Now this amp in the store price of 30 yuan, Wuhan Bonnie Oh! Speaker appearance of i-mu Tai Chi Introduction i-mu Tai speakers, magic ring by Shenzhou (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. in the mid-year launch of a unique shape of the new products. i-mu tai chi speakers look Needless to say, we can see, product design, inspired by traditional Chinese culture, I Ching, yin and yang emphasis on integration, again and again. In ancient Book of Changes from Fu Xi's remarks came to be general summary and modified, is five thousand years of Chinese wisdom and culture of the crystal, known as the "group by the head of Avenue of the source." Tai Chi Speaker Speaker i-mu Performance, i-mu tai chi is a two-box speakers with the 2.0-channel structure. The speaker uses 2-inch wide band of high-quality speaker units, the rated power of 2W, the frequency response of 150Hz-20KHz. In playback, the sound larger to meet the daily application. i-mu tai chi speaker unit speaker i-mu tai chi portable speakers starting from the user, the speaker unit of the magnet with strong magnetic properties of NdFeB material, the weight of ordinary ferrite speaker only 1 / 3, significantly reduced the speaker Weight , making portability. Each speaker is rated at 2W, enough to meet the needs of indoor use i-mu speaker speaker wire Tai Chi One black one white, two speakers, using a standard USB powered, no need to install drivers, plug and play. i-mu tai chi subjective listening speaker i-mu tai chi to the editor's first impression of speakers that sound can be more freely, like a large, relatively strong output power, 2-inch wide band of good quality speaker units. Tai Chi Speaker Speaker i-mu Divine magic ring in the design on the product have a high level of industrial design, the new series of i-mu-listed speaker with a unique vocal approach and pleasant appearance, in the gift market, get a great deal of recognition . Overall, i-mu tai chi the satisfactory performance of the speaker. The speaker volume is not, but it can show amazing results. i-mu tai chi speaker input and output using a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, USB interface, power supply design, and use the integrated wire, plug a simple, portable and more convenient. At the same time is also very light weight and weighs just 0.55kg. Now priced at 30 yuan!