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Winter Fair in Chengdu yesterday the seventh built into the focus of the openi
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Yesterday (18), Chengdu very size and influence of the Seventh Century City Chengdu in the winter building a new Convention and Exhibition Center Expo opened. Building Decoration Association of Chengdu, Chengdu Real Estate Development Association, Chengdu Construction Association of Construction Metal Structure Association Chengdu, Sichuan Academy of Building Research and other leading organizers have attended the opening ceremony. The exhibition attracted hundreds of large enterprises at home and abroad participating, the number of visitors is expected to reach 2 million. Exhibitors will set up the booth features a comprehensive showcase the latest products. At the same time a series of quiz, Li Product distribution, offer discounts and other promotions. Both at home and abroad will continue to designers, architects, developers, decoration engineering companies, material suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to provide exchange platform and a host of business opportunities. According to organizers, from 8 to 10, three days, they will organize a number of member units and from Chongqing, Guizhou, Shaanxi, and other peripherals to the many visitors will visit and negotiate. Include Nanchong, Suining, Mianyang, Deyang, within Jiang, Yibin, Yaan City and other areas of the building materials, distributors and agents will also visit the vast purchasing groups composed of participants. Association of real estate development enterprises in Chengdu High-Wah, told reporters that the Secretary-General, with the accelerating development of the western region, people's consumption concept is changing, consumers increase the demand for home side, this exhibition Is the desire to introduce something new to advanced areas of good product recommended to businesses and consumers in Sichuan. Bo was a reporter in the building to see the many exhibits, there are many new, extraordinary and special Exhibits Such as: SPA oversized pool spa massage, massage massage swimming ordinary degree of 5-10 times the cylinder; Duo Erbei will be on display at home singing, dancing home entertainment center; market share in Japan accounted for the first tile, sanitary ware section two of the day The company can provide customers with Ina and bathroom tiles with a comprehensive design integration. Such services in the world is rare; Grammy wood display wood material is wood replacement materials, service life is 10 times the normal wood, the product has a green energy-saving environmental protection, noise insulation, waterproof moth, high flexural strength characteristics. Among the many strange exhibits in these new products become the focus of everybody's eyes. Chengdu, more than ten years after construction of the development of Fair has become the most influential Western and authority of the professional event, enjoyed a high reputation in the industry. The Winter Fair is held in the summer in the original building on the basis of a Fair All new breakthroughs, and strive to trade in building materials industry in the end of the year start another storm.