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Western Agricultural Fair cited concern about the opening of new special agricul
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October 22, Eleventh West will be opened in Chengdu. As an important part of the West will be the 2010 Western China International Agricultural Products Fair and Green Food Organic Food Expo also opened, and Agricultural Fair will be held online, is so that the people want to buy their own homes will be able products. According to reports, this ad hoc agricultural fair exhibition of organic food, creative agricultural exhibition, exhibition of family farms, green, organic food as the highlight of this agricultural fair, and family farms, online selling vegetables and other emerging forms of agricultural production and the emergence of out. Learned that Western agricultural fair in this exhibition area of 6200 square meters, more than 10 provinces and municipalities of guests, and more than 600 exhibitors participating. One area of 1,000 square meters in Chengdu Museum, 65 exhibitors. Oct. 22, reporters on the scene saw the creativity in Chengdu Museum and organic food agricultural exhibition galleries, a variety of strange new high-tech agricultural products and agricultural biotechnology achievements attracted the eyes of many people. Family Farm Show debut two more bright spots: a long day of family farms, a land of family farms is the Cheung students. It is understood that the family farm specializing in organic vegetable cultivation, the use of "Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)" marketing model, the farm-grown seasonal vegetables direct distribution to urban families (organic vegetables - the farm produces - and distribution at home), Hundreds of families have already enjoyed the service of urban households. Relevant person in charge, said the new concept of Community Supported Agriculture is a new family farms in agricultural production and marketing model, is consistent with the sustainable development of agriculture, while urban households are concerned to solve food safety problems. "Online shopping Agricultural Fair, on-line spike can also be a dollar a basket of eggs in soil," the opening of agricultural fair in the West, while "2010 Western China International Agricultural Products Fair Online" will also be opened. According to reports, online agricultural fair online and offline at the same time, in the western agricultural fair scene, the scene of a 150 square meters exhibition hall, and its online platform is "into the rural network" into the Rural E-Commerce Co., Ltd. Sichuan one-year independent research and development of agricultural e-commerce platform. The online Agricultural Fair, Chengdu, more than 100 agricultural industrialization leading enterprise, farmer cooperatives and other exhibitors, show through the online trading platform to facilitate the stay at home, at home, browse various kinds of "Three Grades of a standard "agricultural products (agricultural products, green food, organic food and the state of geographical indications of agricultural products.)