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New old " 3 treasure " appear on a tourist to take with the stage " novelty is s
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The thing ” of “ nice area wants to go up again class

Bao Xiru of director of province tourism bureau introduces, I save travel department to will develop the thing ” of “ nice area further henceforth, lengthen travel to consume industrial catenary. Taste around natural resources of green food, forest, local speciality, amorous feelings of region of culture of characteristic of ice and snow, people, different, develop equipment of things of the travel merchandise that has Heilongjiang place characteristic, nation characteristic and culture intention, travel, travel energetically, increase what produce a business to travel commodity to give aid to strength, drive Long Jiang the dimensions on characteristic travel commodity, on class, on level.

Accelerate travel commodity according to “ of provincial Party committee (souvenir) the demonstrative drive that develops pace ” , travel department studies special subject to I save development travel commodity (souvenir) item. Province tourism bureau will increase policy to give aid to throw strength with capital, travel commodity (souvenir) development work raises new standard. Make travel goods through development (souvenir) , further ground promotes me province travel image, raise travel to shop to achieve the share that collects income in complete province and domestic travel, rise to promote truly and play the effect that touchs me to save travel economy to develop.

Developing travel commodity (souvenir) respect, construction Heilongjiang saves high-quality goods of local characteristic travel to be on sale center, through holding travel merchandise (souvenir) the activity such as contest, exposition, increase development strength, work up perfects travel commodity (souvenir) development, production and sale system, promote travel goods further (souvenir) industrialization develops, rely on me to save the travel resource, folk-custom, characteristic such as historical culture, make give a batch to have a place alone characteristic, practical strong, facilitate carry, the travel commodity that loves by domestic and international tourist (souvenir) . Shop travel stage by stage occupy complete province travel to achieve collect, the proportion of domestic travel income holds level of the upper reaches in the whole nation.


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