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New old " 3 treasure " appear on a tourist to take with the stage " novelty is s
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As we have learned, will reveal in the round during the contest have the honor to win country and province in recent years commodity of all previous travel (souvenir) the contest is outstanding commodity of award above work, travel (souvenir) , arts and crafts is tasted, folk-custom things, will choose characteristic of a batch of places the choiceness of bright, charge for the making of sth. , travel commodity that loves by tourist (souvenir) , still will hold a series of travel merchandise (souvenir) recommend a specification meeting, negotiate meeting, informal discussion, auction the activity such as the meeting. Still very great potential is waited for dig

I am saved in travel commodity (souvenir) start on development later, before the tourist comes Heilongjiang is in business, travel, conference, visit relative, just buy a few Dalieba, red bowel, airing bowel to wait for the hill local speciality that gives priority to with food to taste. Zhu Jiying of secretary-general of province travel society tells a reporter, since 2000, held 8 Heilongjiang to save contest of travel commodity, souvenir in all. Pass a contest hold, from many 200 the first 20 many series that take part in the match, work, already expanded on 1000 about a hundred current set, work. I save travel commodity nowadays (souvenir) development state of affairs already not to be named on the same day with, more and more foreigner are willing to be take away some accumulate the travel goods that contains grumous blackland flavor (souvenir) and big foot a bill.

But, my province develops travel commodity in deepness (souvenir) respect and develop province photograph is older than still existing difference, my province still is in under countrywide average level. Data makes clear, my province is developing travel commodity (souvenir) respect and my province recieve number of domestic and international tourist, travel to achieve collect, the growth disproportionate of domestic travel income, the growth momentum with the travel resource that with me the province abounds and travel powerful index and wide development perspective unworthily. Zhu Jiying says, with the number was 2007 exemple, if save travel to achieve the travel in collecting to shop completely,income reachs countrywide average level 25% , can add every year more receive one million two hundred and eighty-five thousand four hundred dollar; If save the travel in domestic travel income to shop completely,income is achieved 20% , can add every year more receive 1.56 billion yuan of RMBs. This shows, my province is developing travel commodity respect to expand latent capacity tremendous.

According to introducing, I save most travel commodity to produce manufacturer is type of domestic small mill, manufacturing capital is original very few, more do not take give Qian Quxuan to pass his; The travel merchandise that my province has a lot of to be able to attract tourist to buy (souvenir) , because suffer the effect that capital is in short supply, cannot enlarge scale of production, on class, and lack competition ability; Relevant section does not have a travel commodity (souvenir, meal) regard as new economic point of growth will develop; Lack major (spare) design personnel, although travel production manufacturer has design personnel, design level is inferior still; Produce supply and marketing to be out of line, did not build commodity of a travel (souvenir) the home, distributors produces manufacturer of goods of design, travel, for, sell terrace; The merchandise of renown actor travel that has force (souvenir) wait less. These adverse elements remain to be solved effectively at getting.
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