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New old " 3 treasure " appear on a tourist to take with the stage " novelty is s
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New old " 3 treasure " appear on a tourist to take with the stage " novelty is special " come home

The graph is 17 days, commodity of Heilongjiang province travel (souvenir) design and achievement show a contest, in Heilongjiang daily art gallery of group signing up for course of study is held, the 5000 travel commodity that comes from the travel company that saves each district completely (souvenir) attend show a contest. Reporter Shao Guoliang is photographed

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A common goose chorion appears vulture ” technical divisions to manage through “ hollow out, make price 800 yuan art and collect curiosa; Originally foolish big black after thick coal is counting synthetic craft, change namely as lifelike coal carve high-quality goods, yu Yi art tastes place oneself ……

Commodity of Heilongjiang province travel (souvenir) design and achievement reveal a contest 17 days to sign up for trade group art gallery to be begun in Heilongjiang daily, with its much appearance is colorful and provided characteristic to cause the person that watch alone fix eyes on and gasp in admiration.

5000 work contest is strange

This second contest signs up for trade group to be sponsorred jointly by daily of province tourism bureau, Heilongjiang, daily of association of province travel society, province folk literary home, Heilongjiang signs up for the unit such as trade group art gallery to undertake. Save bureau of tourism of 13 ground city, province dark to be versed in center of originality of handicraft of folk-custom of folk of bureau of tourism of tourism bureau, farming cultivate, province sets 16 to exhibit in all completely, constituent ginseng exhibits close a hunderd schools of travel goods company, distributors, travel showpiece commodity (souvenir) more than 100 kinds, more than 5000. The full embroider art of the 靰 鞡 legend of Harbin, Qiqihaer, chicken the travel commodity that I save the coal carve …… of hillock of the Sha Diao on the west, crane to be developed in succession in recent years, souvenir, mix by the welcome of global tourist love.

My province already formed picture of the wood that relies on local resource to give priority to, wheat straw, grass to make up, the series such as skin of flax, birch, fish skin; The copper that gives priority to with culture of folk-custom, history the series such as dragon, bronze mirror, agate; Potherb of the agaric that gives priority to with hill earth product, dawdle, hill, fructification kind wait for series; The commissariat that gives priority to with food, dry bowel, biscuit, red bowel; Wait for the beverage series that give priority to with mineral water of 5 Dalian pool, mineral; The woodcut that gives priority to with modern technology and conventional technology, sculpture, paper-cut, braid wait for series; The Heilongjiang with the tradition 3 treasure (ginseng, pilose antler, marten) give priority to reach new 3 treasure (forest glue of goods of frog oil, ursine bravery, bee) wait for health care article; The wine series that with Heilongjiang wine of wild hill grape, La Mei, black gallon gives priority to.
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