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Novelty is special: Peacock entrance solves 100 poison
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Peacock common weighs phoenix, it is the king of lark, its whole body is treasure, the spirit of implicit in beautiful appearance heaven and earth. The peacock serves as a rare animal, people used it as only in the past view and admire. As a kind advanced reach rare food flesh edible, have imperial general look only, person a group of things with common features chieftain ability is qualified enjoy, there also is a royal family to just have peacock cookbook only in the England of flourishing period, can be in only state banquet and the congratulatory meeting top grade that give the rank of nobility are tasted. The near future, the cate spy of our newspaper presses down discovery to have 40 thousand peacock about in Huadong, car of a drive goes looking after all!

Peacock monarch is evil can solve 100 poison

Via airport high speed, we are spent very quickly the area is beautiful east press down 4 couplet village, get off the peacock that sees full hill, have green peacock, La Kongqiao, Bai Kongqiao and beautiful peacock, via Guangzhou auspicious peacock breeds city flower Introduction Lu Zong of base, here raises the peacock that has near 40 thousand different variety, and divide green peacock via saving forestry bureau to approve beyond forbidden butcher, other 3 kinds OK edible. And as new fashionable provision, it is the effect that has sanitarian preserve one's health to human body, be in early of Li Shizhen " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in have account: Peacock monarch is evil, can solve 100 poison.

The healthy other people in green hill green water

Blue peacock flesh is much, rate of butcher of completely clean chamber amounts to 80 % , its flesh is qualitative delicate, game is delicious and full-bodied, goluptious, especially peacock soup flavour is more sweet and clinking, add water several times and fragrance is changeless. Modern science and technology also proves, content of peacock flesh protein is as high as 23.2 % , outclass is general and rasorial, 18 kinds of when human body place needs amino acid are all ready; Heat energy is 100Kcal/100g, its embezzle and adipose it is 0.4 % only, cholesterol is 49mg/100g, far under general birds kind with the egg, the nutrient carnivorous that is a kind of high protein, low adipose, low heat energy, low cholesterol. Because grow at green hill in green water, raise also give priority to with the succulence of free from contamination, because this its meat products also is,be helpful for the green food of human body health. Composition of peacock flesh nutrition is close to international extremely grain farming organization and World Health Organization (FAO/WHO) recommended ideal mode. Press code of American sanitation and food of ministry of public general affairs and food administration tag, peacock flesh achieves “ completely flesh of extremely thin ” edible kind standard.

Cookbook of blue peacock part:

The tuber of elevated gastrodia stews a peacock: With peacock flesh, add the tuber of elevated gastrodia, Jiang Pian, round flesh, red jujube, put 12 bowls into clear water, stew sufficient 4 hours, flavor with salt next. Its characteristic is sweet smell clear, have filling head, go head wind, stop headaching effect.
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