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30 thousand pairs of new personality do wedding to go after " bride of novelty s
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“ lamplight blandly projects in dance Taichun ends, build an effect like fairy tale, in elegant commentary and romantic background music sound, bridegroom bride is slowgoing like the leading role in the film be on arena, at this moment, the spot hikes up snowflake ……” yesterday, bridegroom Zheng Yi and beautiful of bridal week beauty held only beautiful wedding, and so happy like them newlywed person, gold still has a lot of during week. The reporter celebrates guild know from city marriage, the “ Jin Jiuyin this year 10 ” are this city marriage celebrates a height, it is especially during National Day golden week, share more than 30 thousand pairs of new personality to be fond of a knot to connect manage.

In interview, marriage celebrate the personage inside industry line of business to disclose to the reporter, according to estimation, the ” of “ highest peak that National Day marriage is in charge of this year will appear on October 1, on October 4, on October 6 a few days, on average everyday can more than 5000 pairs of new personality manage a wedding. Because marriage gathers together, deeper impression leaves in Bin Peng's brain to let wedding, many young newlywed person are in the “ of bridal spot is new, strange, special the make an issue of on ” . This makes marriage celebrate a service by before pure spot is decorated, the ” of “ mental work that motorcade receives ” of physical labor of “ of degree of relationship to be engineered to wedding is changed.

As we have learned, this year National Day golden week, many new personality chose the new-style marriage such as wedding of unreal of the wedding on water, folk-custom wedding, demon allusion form. Among them, the wedding on alleged water, be in the place such as all corners of the country of the Haihe River, plum, Dong Lihu to do wedding namely, let new personality walk along “ canalage ” by boat, turn wedding into romantic fairy tale; Folk-custom wedding is complete according to “ old routine ” , the bride sits litter, bridegroom is equestrian, mix by music group in front the honour guard open circuit that wears folk-custom dress, turn traditional marriage common into to reveal wedding; Demon unreal wedding is to invite charmer, change the marriage certificate, content that decide affection and even bridegroom, bride with mysterious formal “ ” comes out, more window are arranged in marriage ceremony spot.

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