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New peculiar product accepts favour fully
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  Tai Shunxin hears net message(Dong Bin of reporter of learn on job is expensive) a few days ago, road of construction of the area just outside a city gate opened domestic novelty newly inn of product of especially small electron, the price of the product from 1 differ to 99 yuan, suffer the youth's jubilation quite.

The reporter understands, in recent years, as modern life rhythm accelerate, more and more people miss snatch a little leisure from a busy life, and these “ are new, strange, special the electronic product just of ” satisfied “ dawdler ” people requirement.

The small beautiful that manages ” of “ dawdler lane in city north road tells a reporter, since from August shop opens business, the business is good all the time, besides get outside the youth's welcome, a few housewife also often select dawdler product. In ” of “ dawdler lane in the inn of this 20 much square metre, besides the dawdler sofa of “ slack ” , on goods shelves filled up with the peculiar small product such as watch of dish of electric heat heat preservation, plantar massager, portable young fan, umbriferous Xiaozhong.

These “ things are stranger, the price is relatively reasonable also. ” is choosing the say of weeks of the undergraduate of commodity is small buoyant.

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