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Interesting par store lifts integrated management make a great coup again consum
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“ if you are the word that sends birthday present, product of health care of this one vision very sell like hot cakes, student and office worker suit …… to match very much this body dress, can choose this gules hairpin, on Dai Tou very chic! If wanting to see originality live in things, you are gone to please in go, note chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. ” walks into “ interesting ” store of new peculiar par, see a few clients listen to her to recommend the introduction round the salesperson newest introduced originality articles for use.

The client in inn is the city men and women with a few very fashionable dress mostly, they are going up in the basis the integrated type of 10 thousand kinds of products manages classification fine fine ground chooses the goods that he needs.

Characteristic store times, traditional and of all kinds the demand that acts the role of Pin Xiaochao city to already got used to consumer no longer, the investment that cannot satisfy the person that do poineering work is enthusiastic. The expert is fatidical, in buyer's market dominant today, retail trade will enter ” of times of “ characteristic store! And novelty of “ interesting ” is special integrated type of 20 syncretic ” manages the “ that par store rolls out in new period method, involve on 10 thousand kinds extensive, the small commodities that has the distinguishing feature such as new, strange, special, cheap again brings into the limits of the sale, in characteristic store times, occupational industry commanding elevation, fortune of hold the market. The integrated management measure of “ interesting ” is in market make a great coup, novelty of “ interesting ” is special par store lifts consumptive climax once more in the market!

As we have learned, “ interesting ” is a person of extraordinary powers of triumphant Er conclude international trade (Beijing) the type of small commodities conformity with subordinate limited company company of selling operation management. Its depend on the group company good concern in international trade bound, with go up domestic and internationally company of production of 1000 small commodities has direct collaboration. Range of products is involved extensive, and novel, vogue, alone attractive, once appeared on the market to gain the favour of broad consumer, lift sale mad tide. The personage inside course of study expresses, “ is not mainstream ” to already became the prevailing custom of mainstream of current society youth nowadays. These 80 hind the new new mankind after ——90 thinks to be not the mainstream is not individual character, make public, implicit new student tide, the youth is calling the fashionable dress that is not the mainstream, calling the fashionable articles for use that is not the mainstream. Apparent, novelty of “ interesting ” is special of par store appear the ultimate dream that satisfied countless youths to turn wet person, woke up the fashionable desire in youth consciousness. Its advocate all sorts of originality that push product special get the welcome of ” of wet person of this group of “ , sale scene is very hot. All the time since, on 10 thousand more than 100 series of “ interesting ” , commodity provide enough novelty of fund of originality, fund alone individually. Store of new peculiar par rejects “ interesting ” commonplace, refuse as dry as a chip, rely on powerful economic actual strength and the strategic idea that develop for a long time continuously, ensure each article get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, provide allure most. In the product world of “ interesting ” , act the role of strain to list set of fashionable and delicate, toy to do laugh at warmth of series of hyperbole, furniture series of romantic, home appliance is deft durable …… product of more than 100 series, or gout, or do laugh, or beneficial wisdom, or consideration, or savour …… anyhow every series commodity is fancy and special, all-embracing. Will fancy, characteristic, humorous, humorous, mischief, beneficial wisdom, hyperbole, only the perfect originality such as the United States is perforative at all series commodity in!
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