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Small commodities chain is new army hair force asks a vessel vogue the life is C
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Recently, novelty of interesting ” of ——“ of parvenu of small commodities market is special par store ( the wide attention that the life empire that hair force makes caused personage of inside and outside of course of study. The favour of the person that this new-style investment item that covers category of all life small commodities basically got small do poineering work not only, what cause in business circles is new conformity of concept of round of product also has begun sadly.

Analysis of the personage inside course of study points out, in fashionable popularity the ceaseless influence of storm falls, the articles for daily use of fashionable popularity had made the dominant way that small commodities market develops. Below such big environment, almost include is all the “ interesting ” of small commodities type, the sign that makes fashionable life empire already peep clue.

As we have learned, novelty of “ interesting ” is special par store is all-around management, operation, integrated, distribute is daily the par store of articles for daily use. Product of its place battalion various, full of humour and wit, and the price is low day balance price, assemble of “ interesting ” the elite of all traditional small supermarkets, become of all kinds act the role of those who taste small supermarket to get army new show. Inside so brief time, the site fire of its operation alls over great river north and south, no matter be to be in city, county, villages and towns even country, the hot spectacular event that can see queue up to shop eagerly. Its are mixed with favorable shopping environment new rich product, be being affected and promoting the masses to consume the life. Meanwhile, famous famous brand reachs headquarters of “ interesting ” and a hunderd schools the strategy is allied, form sturdy and solid natural resources to share cooperate with distribute. Depend on high-quality goods of on 10 thousand kinds of hundreds series, fashionable individual character, with new, strange, special get victory. Its all and subordinate commodity, be in designing those who blend in is stylist not just to show originality, more shirt-sleeve contemporary popular element, not only high-quality goods of the youth's much to Hui Man fashionable individual character fondles admiringly, even a few went up the person of age also is Hui Man's much faithful Fans. “ interesting ” gives the fashionable high-quality goods of different style in the light of the consumer design of different age, held contemporary popular trend not only, more attentive took each ages paragraph the distinctive pursuit that people tastes to acting the role of. Cheap and fine, novel, individual character is broad consumer novelty of interesting to “ ” is special the evaluation of high-quality goods of par store fashion.

On management mode, store of interesting new peculiar par should of the market need not to break conformity, abstraction is classical, gather a crowd sale tradition inn characteristic elite 10 inn syncretic, 2 yuan of inn, adorn taste inn, gift shop, home to act the role of toyshop of cloth with soft nap of inn of things of inn of inn, small home appliance, dawdler, wool, colour the mode of 10 kinds of shop such as inn of makeup inn, bag act the role ofing, sweethearts gift shop gathers together one city. Meanwhile, “ interesting ” is on the foundation of continuance low strategy, creativity of mode of the shop on the net introduce, when shopping demand of contented consumer network, more let agency give priority to body with shop of solid store business, radiation is whole place city, headquarters network talents of a batch of top sale of network science and technology, the network that builds a careful orders goods system, giant database, overall network product exhibits the service agency with ark all-around, mutiple level …… , when should consumer orders product of “ interesting ” through network store, the person that meeting ground orders headquarters of “ interesting ” is in a city, the complete ordering information of the person that will order for a short while is faxed or send the person that order the dealer of place city through other and simple method, agency needs completely to deliver goods only receive fund, the province gives all business expenditure, manpower expenditure and business tax. This kind runs mode open up the channel that brand-new hypostatic storefront increases the sale on the net, initiated small commodities have one epochal.
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