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Magnanimity of 10 thousand kinds of products is infinite, recommend " dig treasu
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Forecast according to relevant economist, the consumptive pattern of people future is sure to be on the road that characteristic store consumes, a variety of demand are one-stop solve, the time ability that leave out rushs about back and forth accords with future the social demand of faster rhythm. And place oneself at “ in ” of store of interesting new peculiar par, people looked at the product that each novelty innovates to feel too many things to see, accord with future completely to consume a trend, let consumer feel be mad with joy, although be on a likelihood two days to all also cannot stop eye ground,can be on 10 thousand kinds commodity, virtually increased the exhaustion of consumer to spend. Taking such issue, the author interviewed “ store of interesting new peculiar par”( relevant controller, be informed through understanding, headquarters also saw such problem, because this is aimed at crowd and function to recommend series product regularly, from go up at all the responsibility that resolves consumer.

Innovation is economic series:

Confuse your sewing machine: Changed the characteristic with vintage huge and cumbersome sewing machine thoroughly, make everybody can be in any places can be finished easily, go to the lavatory simply.

Temperature checks a pen: Can check temperature of temperature, environment, can write again, facilitate apparel, square portable belt, fun is boundless.

Alarm clock of calendar of fashionable dazzle colour: Alarm clock of calendar of fashionable dazzle colour, it is 8 years of most popular goods exceeding dazzle, simple beam of light, the colour that collocation differs 12 kinds is smooth, brought attractive fashionable breath to the person.

Solar energy car carries adorn article: Want illuminate to reach sufficient ground only sunshine, ” of “ little girl is acted the role of article can keep nodding to play a base, peddle match, very lovely. In time of the ground that block a car up, the drive person that sees it can let be agitated is in imperceptible in got relaxation.

Fashionable par series:

Closestool ashtray: Closestool is become ashtray not only modelling is special, still have the effect of ” of smoke of “ give up even, and the price needs a few yuan of money only however.

Massager of 8 ungual fish: Distinctive formative 8 ungual fish, but local massage, slow nerve; But local reduce weight, thin body beautiful system, the price also needs talent only ten yuan.

Romantic student series:

Password diary this: Give only the person that has “ story ” , use heart password is opened delicate and lovely practical password lock, favor by fashionable undergraduate.

Rubber of sweetmeats of the four seasons brushs: Rubber of sweetmeats of lovely the four seasons is brushed, look very delicious, and having various fruit faint scent, make the child became the star that fix eyes upon at a draught in the classroom.
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