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The path characteristic commodity of interesting matting originality suffers ful
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Be in Beijing some is flourishing and street on, bearer of person of store of new peculiar par goes to interesting ” of “ of a new-blown, in an endless stream. Those who enter store is the youth of vogue of dress of accompany of a few group mostly, this can'ted help arousing the author's curiosity, it is what shop has so great magic power, can you make these so-called “ small does numerous ” , “ make fun of the youth enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave of cruel ” ? After walking into store of par of “ interesting ” when the author, answer be clear at a glance.

Be informed according to the investigation on the net. In “ interesting ” store of new peculiar par ( in, have a lot of novelty, special, and the small commodities with low price. This kind of small commodities mostly modelling is lovely, beautiful, more important is it sticks the life with us, with be closely bound up of every day object. The author walks into shop, above all all sorts of puts on goods shelves namely novelty of greet are lovely gadgety, the commodity inside this one area is the recreational originality things that suits adult to buy mostly. Sign for example clip of pen, calling card, advantage is stuck, freezer is stuck wait for dot, they each modelling is very chic, originality is sheer, mechanism is densely covered, full of humour and wit, accept the youth's favour all the more. Inside inn one is choosing cartoon to sign the consumption of the pen shows, modern society pressure is too great, people hour needs slow and intense sentiment, especially the small white-collar that she works this kind in originality domain. All originality inspiration all comes from the life, no matter you spend how many time to also cannot be born,have the idea of originality extremely sometimes, even if have the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style, once want melt into reality, be not easy thing however. This consumer thinks, grown talent is the crowd that should play a toy more. Under long-term high-pressured job, the heart and body are couldn't get loosen, the toy ought to be best alleviate the law of pressure is worth praise highly. However, the toy that plays in one's childhood disappears from the scene in the market for the most part now, but be unable to bear or endure again the temptation of childhood game, so simple originality toy conveniently is taken, resemble the interesting office things set on goods shelves, practical as to still can become endow with wisdom to exceed convenient game prop again namely.

According to the salesperson introduction inside inn, start business of store of new peculiar par is less than this “ interesting ” 3 months, come everyday now the person that originality toy, gift buys inside inn is very much, it is to turn round for the most part guest. Buy on sb's behalf for colleague, friend again after oneself had been bought, perhaps regard as gift is given. Among them, lovely cartoon hand baseplate and the solar energy baby that wag one's head, still have the good afternoon pillow with these great modelling, design eccentric visitors' book is fashionable white-collars to love most, put them in the car or place on desk, bring shade for flat life not only, those who let the urban person under high pressure enjoy moment is delighted, still can review the sweetness when childhood.
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