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China of go into effect of American new law is defeated by beautiful toy doorsil
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Another when the toy exports " the Incantation of the Golden hoop " since the noise. The reporter learns from Chinese toy association, american president Bush signs new consumable security already formally a few days ago to improve a law. This law was 1970 since the consumable safety law with most far-reaching influence. Among them the most eye-catching place is the safe level that strengthen and unites the toy that sells in the United States and standard of other children product, namely China plays height of look forward to to pay close attention to " the ban that contain lead " and " compulsive tripartite attestation " .

One after another of plumbic content standard rises

According to TUV attestation group relevant personage introduces, this act decided a few " time is nodded " , tighten up the plumbic content standard in the toy gradually:

FromOn January 10, 2009Begin, limitative children product upper limit of total lead content is any parts 600ppm;On August 14, 2009Begin, limitative children product of any parts always contain lead to measure upper limit to be 300ppm, issue the relevant code guidance banning lead with providing insulating material, control content of exterior coating lead upper limit by originally 600ppm instead 90ppm;Will rise on August 14, 2011, the upper limit of the gross that contain lead of any parts is limitative children product 100ppm.

Guangdong saves toy association to analyse a personage to tell a reporter, new proposed law of the United States stipulated juvenile products shows paint and gross contain plumbic level twice, more stricter than just limitting the European Union criterion of paint standard, and new proposed law of the United States points out clearly, still will inspect a circumstance to edit ceaselessly henceforth standard, should achieve soon " 0 contain lead " target.

Set tripartite attestation compulsively
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