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Chinese children toy strengthens the technology that fight bacterium
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Chinese disease prevents appeal of expert of many when control a center the material that fight bacterium, children toy makes an enterprise should use the technology that fight bacterium as soon as possible, production has the children toy of function of abiding curb bacterium.

An investigation shows, all sorts of pathogenic bacteria on plastic toy can amount to 3163, the time that play is longer, bacteria amount is more also, include disease of ill 毐 of grape coccus, dysenteric bacili, typhoid bacillus, flu, B hepatitis among them the pathogen such as 毐 . These cause of disease are microbial often can make the child suffers from on corresponding contagion.

Another investigation data shows, the time that 6 years old of the following children and toy spend reachs 150 thousand hours, " of the " hidden from view that makes child health possibly also because of this toy killer, of 75% suffer the person that visit to think to use the technical divisions that fight bacterium to manage in the toy very be necessary, suffer the person that visit to be willing to pay prep above common product the price of 26.6% above buys toy of curb bacterium children.

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