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Home moves free toy the first Ao Fei is moved free appear on the market obtain b
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The reporter learned from settleclear sea area recently, country is the biggest move free toy company -- , Guangdong Ao Fei moves a hair that overflows culture Inc. to apply for to already obtained card inspect to be able to send careful appoint approval is passed, will become what home gives priority to course of study the first times with moving free toy to appear on the market company. This is appropriate of afterwards of settleclear sea area the 4th after real estate of China timber industry, appropriate China and Oriental zirconium course of study appears on the market company.

As we have learned, ao Fei moves the predecessor that overflow to be Guangdong Ao Di toy industrial limited company, this company finished integral share-holding system to transform in June 2007. The company after transforming advocate the development that business Wu overflows a toy to move free toy and blame, production and sale, subordinate subsidiary sortie uses free movie and TV piece make, issue and move free books business. This Ao Fei is moved free plan to issue 40 million, occupy after issueing 25% of total capital stock. The fund that distributes stock collect uses investment free movie and TV to make, move free derive taste manufacturing base construction and market channel construction, predict total investment is 460 million yuan about.

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