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Hill county begins attestation of children toy 3C special execute the law examin
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For order of market of farther normative toy, health of protective children person is safe, recently, bureau of hill county qualitative inspect is right the children toy product that the current domain such as terminal market of this county share, supermarket, bazaar sells undertook3CAttestation is special execute the law examination.

Check discovery, the majority toy product that sells in bazaar, supermarket was obtained3CAttestation certificate, add according to concerned requirement stuck3CAttestation mark. Put in the sale to was not obtained in terminal market3CThe toy of attestation, toy that passes attestation partly was not added by the requirement stick3CThe problem such as attestation mark, to this, execute the law personnel instructs a businessman to be stuck to pressing a requirement to add on one hand3CThe product that attestation indicates undertakes deadline is rectified and reform, on the other hand, did not obtain to the discovery in the examination3CThe toy product of attestation adopted coercive measures lawfully.

Pass education to strengthen announce further, execute the law personnel is concerned actively still in check out procedure to distribute unit conduct propaganda3CAttestation knowledge, remind distribute unit to want to carry out examination of replenish onr's stock strictly to check and accept a system when replenish onr's stock, ask for concerned ticket card, prevent to not have3C
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