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Before China toy export business will reduce an in part compared to the same per
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The monitoring report that customs total office issues 13 days points out, chinese toy exports industry measure pelter since this year, the company that before 7 months have a toy to export gain 3507, than last year the corresponding period decreased 52. 7 % .

Data shows, the toy that exit exports enterprise majority to be small company. Before 7 months, china has exit to be less than the toy company measure of 100 thousand dollar to be 1574, than last year the corresponding period reduces 3631 completely, 93 what occupy toy of whole nation of the corresponding period to export an enterprise to reduce an amount completely. 1 % .

Since this year, because domestic raw material and manpower cost rise, the RMB appreciates quickly, exit retreats tax rate to reduce, add abroad to detect cost raises, bring about Chinese toy to export pace to put delay considerably. Statistic shows, before 8 months, chinese toy is exported 51. 700 million dollar, grow 1 compared to the same period. 3 % , considerably fall after a rise 21. 8 percent. Among them, the toy will be exported that month in August 9. 900 million dollar, with photograph of the corresponding period enjoyed growth than appearing last year.

Data shows, suffer the United States second the influence that lends the crisis to spread, china drops to American toy exit apparent. Before 7 months, china exports a toy to the United States 16. 200 million dollar, drop compared to the same period 5. 2 % . The corresponding period, china maintains rapid growth to exit of European Union toy, exit forehead is amounted to 10. 700 million dollar, grow 11 compared to the same period. 1 % .

Custom analysis thinks, chinese toy industry starts early, home buys makings proportion tall, blend in rate of native land economy deep, already formed more complete industry chain. But macroscopical policy adjusts the near future and hasten of environment of domestic and international economy tightens mutual overlay, make toy industry faces unprecedented challenge: It is the small company in toy industry is in the majority, get used to ability weakness to policy and environmental change; 2 it is thicken of colour of international trade protection, domestic production technology restricts protruding to show with management means.

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