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Fighting spirit of domestic toy company decreases half toy to export amplitude p
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Fighting spirit of domestic toy company reduces an in part

Foreign trade situation worsens continuously, trade barrier increases ceaselessly, situation of exit of our country toy is grim. Customs total office releases early-warning yesterday, toy of 1-7 month our country exports pace to put delay considerably this year, industry measure pelter. According to statistic, before the toy company that will have export gain in July decreased compared to the same period 52.7% . And the American consumable safety that is about to carry out improves a law to will make toy company one disaster after another, the personage inside course of study says, enforce among them tripartite detects one increases company load likely two into above.

The toy exports amplitude pelter

According to custom statistic, 1-7 month, our country toy exports 4.18 billion dollar, grow 2.1% compared to the same period, considerably fall after a rise 22.7 percent. Among them, to the United States exit drops apparent, to the European Union export still increases quickly. Before 7 months, our country is defeated by beautiful toy 1.62 billion dollar, drop 5.2% ; Exit Hong Kong, Canada also drops respectively 18.2% with 6% , and this 3 person aggregate 49% what occupy toy of the corresponding period to export total.

Exporting industry measure pelter is one of main reasons. Data of customs total office shows, 1-7 month, the company that our country has a toy to export gain 3507, decrease compared to the same period 52.7% . And the industry measure that exit is less than 100 thousand dollar amounts to 1574, than last year the corresponding period reduces 3631 completely, 93.1% what occupy toy of whole nation of the corresponding period to export an enterprise to reduce an amount completely.

Custom personage analysis thinks, macroscopical policy adjusts the near future and hasten of environment of domestic and international economy tightens mutual overlay, make toy industry faces unprecedented challenge. And the small company in toy industry is in the majority, get used to ability weakness to policy and environmental change, digest the cost that rise hard. And the RMB appreciates, the inflationary aggravate degree market before exceeding this anticipates, the Central Bank is successive last year go up 6 times tone loan interest rate, also cause large quantities of toys export small company to exit competition since this year.
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