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Guangdong strengthens the examination that exports toy plasticizer project to su
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The near future, guangdong examines quarantine bureau publishs a document, ask each branch bureau strengthens projects of pair of exit toy plasticizer further examine superintend. Ask to the set limit to of plasticizer to get used to each country, ensure product of area under administration accords with entrance country to ask, benefit city examines quarantine bureau basically adopts the following measure to strengthen examine superintend:
Above all, will concern a circumstance in time to produce an enterprise to undertake bulletin and conduct propaganda to toy of the exit inside area under administration, requirement enterprise is caused take seriously and have production according to exit state requirement.
Next, clutch use plasticizer of pair of company of production of the toy inside area under administration and spot of evade glue circumstance have check, requirement enterprise builds system of monitoring of safety of perfect product quality, strengthen plasticizer project to detect.
The 3rd, encourage an enterprise not to use the benzene that contain adjacent the plasticizer of ester of 2 formic acid, convert environmental protection is avirulent model plasticizer. In the meantime, the toy product that strengthens pair of enterprises to contain plastic part in be superintended daily undertakes adjacent benzene of ester of 2 formic acid selective examination detect, the key strengthens PVC soft of project of plastic toy plasticizer detect. So far, in all draw-out 18 products undertake plasticizer project detects.
The 4th, combinative toy first product puts on record the job, the basis exports national requirement, check contain PVC soft whether the product of plastic component has plasticizer project detect, without what detect, requirement enterprise undertakes in time relevant detect, detect eligible and rear can undertake putting on record. To the product that has put on record, when signing up for check requirement enterprise shows plasticizer project check to measure a report, cannot produce a report, ask the enterprise clutchs send appearance to detect.
The 5th, strengthen the study of pair of files, code, standard and understanding, increase examine the effectiveness of superintendency job.
Plasticizer is to point to increase plastic plasticizer, improvement is when processing resinous fluidity, make goods has the organic material of flexibility. It is the solid of a few tall boil, sticky stiff liquid that volatilizes hard or low melting point normally, do not give birth to chemical reaction with plastic hair commonly. Add plasticizer to be able to reduce plastic glass to change temperature, make hard and rigid plastic become soft and withy. Plasticizer is used in all and plastic auxiliary the amount is the largest, ester of 2 formic acid gives priority to the adjacent benzene that plasticizer actors or actress with integral performance beautiful, price, among them adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 2 laborious ester (abbreviation DOP) is important general-purpose plasticizer, basically use at treatment of polyvinyl chloride resinous.
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