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Financial storm will raid Taiwan people to press muscularity cure to hurt depart
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According to Taiwan media coverage, global banking storm increases Taipei stock market low fan, the day of Taiwan young common people is sadder and sadder, but this also lets a few cure hurt department commodity to become super accidentally heat sells.
The report says, will raid in financial storm, taipei stock market the hour of a low pressure, commodity of department of injury of a few cure explodes in Taiwan accident red, a people says: Rice of  of  of Qiong of source of tip of besmear of Qu of Liao of my Qiong  breathes out sprain tip about bad scrupulously and respectfully! ? of call on of Duo of money Can Xin " economically burden pressure is very great also, this kind of toy is toy of a kind of interactive sex to me, when playing, let my psychology have placatory feeling. Let my psychology have placatory feeling..
In commodity of these cure injury department, have already move move ear, shake shake the lovely electronic dog of the tail, it not only can swing as music, go up to still can give out the lamplight of multicoloured personally, see it, let a person cannot help giving out understanding to laugh; Still have exceed lovely Kitty cat, it not only can go ahead, still can turn circle, feel one below, the eye can be blinked ah those who blink, look so that make popular feeling affection good rise.
Additionally still an appearance looks the young soya bean with special that's all right, but should hold only, can show funny face, people can be held through be being squeezed forcibly ceaselessly, express pressure. This kind of express presses young soya bean an ask a price money of near 200 yuan of new stations, super now popular, just roll out a few weeks, sell give about a hundred, allow inn-keeper is busy filling money. Still have a kind of electronic pet owl that uses USB, it can shake its head blink an eye, just roll out a week, also sell be in short supply.
Commodity of cure injury department is only not interesting just, also have professional class, give a melancholic or reside an old person to use alone, course of study person You Zhiwei says: Tip of  of model of lament of  of Liu of postscript Qia shallow comb accumulate    asks earnestly adept of the first month of coal of Xi of  of dust  alliance thing full front of a Chinese gown flinchs discharge  Bian calls on Mi Liaoyan of Xi of road of free time of Mu Qiang of  of shelfing  of  of  of Pan of goblet of Chou of  Piao Yin changes Ji pay hangs down! ?
The report says, the cure injury that does strange originality ties goods, let a person fondle admiringly, according to course of study person statistic, since this one month, cure hurt commodity sales volume to grow 20% at least, in the hour of an economy low ebb, also derive a cure to hurt business chance accidentally.

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