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Yantai: Musical toy " make a noise " young child
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Ms. Liu that lives in Yantai urban district about before a week, toy of a music was bought to rebuke the son with 16 old months plays on night fair, who expects, caused to the child's audition, mood however damage.
The lady that occupy Liu introduces, 78 days ago, she rambles in the urban district when night fair, bought bear of toy of a music from a small vendor's stand that sells a toy. A hidden switch is carried on the back after opening Little Bear, the toy can broadcast a music, little Bear also can walk as the body of musical twist clumsiness, foolish condition but Ju. Ms. Liu first time is in before the son with 16 old months when the switch that opens backside of musical Little Bear, the child still was frightened by canorous music sound jump. But very fast, bub likes to go up this toy, want music one case only, he also can be twisted as Little Bear chaos. Who expects, played a week about, want a family member to open the musical switch of this toy before the son of Ms. Liu only, bub cries be troubled by more than, pushing toy bear, a pair of appearance that is not willing to play. Begin, family still thinks the child is not to like this toy, did not care about. But feel as Ms. Liu of the mother the child loves to cry particularly of late apparently be troubled by. Then, she looks after children come to Yantai to bring up hospital of semi-annular jade pendant top is paediatrics see a doctor. After the doctor is checked, think, the son audition of Ms. Liu is injured, but place favour is slighter, do not affect the following normal life. But the child's mood suffers noise the impact is bigger, appear more serious move restlessly disturbed expression. Because the toy of Ms. Liu is bought,spread out from roadside, any ticket of manufacturer were not produced above, the child is harmed so, also cannot seek person compensation.
Paediatrics expert reminds this courtyard, the person is in the sound of common and indoor talk is 40 decibel probably to 60 decibel, once the volume of musical toy exceeds this range, cause permanent loss possibly to the audition of children, and the mood that noisy music can affect children, make its be agitated, because the child is too small,won't convey, can appear cry make more than case. And, musical toy is to use batteries to serve as the sources of energy mostly, these batteries are dropped very easily by darling dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, especially batteries of a few buttons, have the risk that is devoured by the child. When the parent is buying a toy to the child, especially 3 years old of the following children, best choice not soniferous toy.
The market of much home toy that visited Yantai urban district discovers, a lot of phonate the volume of the toy is very large, adult listened to be able to feel very clamorous, and, the music that these toy place broadcast has many it is to move move is very, it is noisy DJ music even, suit to listen to the child far from.

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