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More is moved free " Nanjing is made " Nanjing is moved free rise abruptly in ha
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New inside information of culture of Nanjing of dispatch of net of China cable industry is solid, old with blend contemporarily, for culture industry development provided advantaged environment. 2002, municipal government of municipal Party committee puts forward " culture Nanjing " the strategy, came on stage formally 2007 " industry of Nanjing city culture grows " 915 " program compendium " . A few years short, culture industry is at the beginning of Nanjing dew extraordinary, show driving development potential.

2008(the 3rd) during Fair of industry of Chinese Nanjing culture is forthcoming, this edition is rolled out especially " industry of focusing Nanjing culture " series report, aim to undertake combing to current situation of Nanjing culture industry, explore the way that its did not develop.

6 years ago, study abroad returning Jiang Junhua with a ha is compared with piggy of a cartoon, knock at the gate of nursery school of a home noisy; Before a month, this piggy that tells English story to the child with a ha is compared, become a 20 thousand much square metre to move the host of the area that overflow garden. 6 years short, breath out the development course that overflows course of study than witnessing Nanjing to move.
Regard culture as one of industrial delegates, in recent years, move a new force suddenly rises that overflow course of study, become tremendous " golden mine " . The backside of good prospect, often having unbeknown hardships. Does Nanjing move free course of study to develop after all how?

   Develop continuously: More is moved free " Nanjing is made "

Pupil is strange strange, potato piece shellfish of law of A of giant of demon Ka Ca, charm, build jointly remove lovely " A law Bei Leyuan " ; Deep-fried twisted dough sticks, a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, steamed stuffed bun, boiled dumpling, arrive together " kongfu lyceum " do obeisance to tea with milk to be division... do you know? These is in children in memory more and more important use free figure, it is " Nanjing is made " .

Before Nanjing grand eagle moves the general manager Chen Dejun that floods a company 3 years, will achieve office to manage rather, the experience that before borrowing, accumulates in Taiwan, hong Ying grows rapid. Chen Dejun tells a reporter, hong Ying is taking talent, project to come to Nanjing, even if is such, still also be driven the bag outside overflowing is made, had the ability after be being accumulated certainly to try water to achieve those who move free project formerly.

Divide quite reputable reputable " kongfu lyceum " , of Nanjing grand eagle make newly " chess king " before be in before long CCTV is little channel broadcasts. Nanjing grand eagle with superior performance by Lang Xiangzhong of topaz of Great Master of Hong Kong caricature, 1144 minutes of bilateral collaboration achieve large cartoon formerly " treasure of strange unreal dragon " in be being run step-by-steply, second half of the year of predicting next year is finished -- this is meant, kongfu giant star will have into dragon " Nanjing book " use free figure. Chen Dejun discloses, last year, 20% what achieve animation crop to occupy company gross about formerly, this number rises to be close to this year 40% , next year still will increase somewhat. From outside bag business is given priority to, achieve formerly to the attempt move free, arrive to achieve scale to promote gradually formerly again, such enterprise is in Nanjing increasing. Industry of bureau of town wide report plans to be in Jin Xiaoting section chief to introduce to the reporter, at present Nanjing already had many 60 to move free production enterprise and religion grind unit, the mainstay business that registers capital to amount to 3 million yuan of above among them 16. 2007, nanjing animation year productivity amounts to many minutes 20 thousand, achieve cartoon 3654 minutes formerly among them; And all computation occupies the ground first half of the year this year, predicted production achieves cartoon 8000 minutes formerly 2008 above. Not only such, at present Nanjing still has 3 animation to the film is being prepared and be made. Besides Long Wenzhen picture company myth inscribes the animation film of material " time brings a great change to the worlds " will be in the end of the year is finished this year outside, company of multimedia of A law shellfish also plans to make an animation movie, as before with " Afabei " as leading role. In addition, the animation film that hour of Nanjing summit summit uses free company to make " old be out of practice contends for hegemony " (provisional name) already made finish, be about to with cinema line contact.
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