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Hong Mengka connects vice-president king fine horse: Discharge refineds emperor
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Rainbow cat, blue hare already became Chinese cartoon to star

Will report on October 19 according to Changsha evening paper " after cartoon figure becomes star, how to let these star make money for the enterprise? This is cartoon outspread the problem that tastes development. Well-known, the whole world is done best be enlighten person

Wang Jun introduces, retailing shop of the first grand dream last year second half of the year is formal operation. So far, already opened 60 retailing shops, spread all over the 10 many a gleam of such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha, Hangzhou and second line city. Accredit respect whole situation devotes oneself to to create strategic associate relation to satisfy sale and product objective with the client. Already added up to door of be a guest to spread all over 80 clients of 18 category, domestic each industry is gotten army the enterprise already reached strategic collaboration with respect to product development, design, sale channel with grand dream, include: The milk of benefit of Long Liji HBA, Yi, fruit juice that collect a source, flavour 1000 pull candy of face, Li Ning, elegant guest, Hua Feng toy of biscuit of convenient cover, Jin Jianfeng, Ao Di. Accordingly, with others basically be to promote him product to differ, the main purpose that Wang Jun leads a group to attend candy cocktail party is to be accredit client to serve, it is to be rainbow cat, blue hare to look for more husband's family, search namely more " accredit " .

Accredit business, it is the process of a collision actually. From brand of content translate into the process that also is a hardship. Be in China, the first is in cartoon is outspread those who extract the first pail of gold is being dug in tasting development is cartoon of 3 celestial bodies " blue cat " , but as a result of market environment immature wait for all sorts of reasons, "Blue cat " the mode exploration such as retail, accredit encountered a lot of setbacks, caused beyond recall loss to the enterprise. And home is a few more current although cartoon business is created gave very inviting cartoon to star, but these cartoon star and did not become children the spokesman of the dress, stationery, toy, wasted a lot of resource for nothing.

Whether does grand dream innovate somewhat in the exploration on accredit? Wang Jun tells a reporter very self-confidently: "With should rise after authorization of a few companies before swing palmar ark, distribute a benefit simply, no matter be differred by the production of accredit enterprise, sale, grand dream innovation develops those who give his ' deepness accredit ' mode, go among the sale management that Hong Menghui shares accredit client namely, the evaluation of growth of the market dimensions that studies it together, future, sale channel, consumer, strategy that enters the market, how much is the sale that achieves likely certainly with the client next, be based on this sale, decide what grand dream and client should do severally. " explanation of king fine horse says, grand dream broken is the means of traditional agential accredit, and with " 4 services " will replace pure accredit business concern, make the trade jointly with the client namely plan, collective have a product research and development, collective have channel construction, integrated sale, "General every client we provided 3 technical service personnel to them. "
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