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Have an insight into the path of the accredit of the market and brand of cartoon
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This year July, ASIFA-Hollywood moves free section to go up in annual Comic-Con around moved free industry situation to hold special subject forum. Come from each square professional personage to moved free industry current situation to make a few judgement with respect to concerned international. The expert makes animation division figure of speech the knight performs the home, of show opportunity good with bad, the ground that chooses with place is concerned, have a plenty of long livelihood, have a plenty of one-time buying and selling. In addition, expert personage thinks consistently, current, CG animation division caught the good time that uses free property, do not calculate good to division of 2 dimension animation. In the meantime, TV animation also meets unprecedented inning.

The swift and violent development of say TV animation, this and TV animation derive the excellent performance be closely bound up of the domain in accredit. Be in early 2003 when, the attention of accredit business of Dishini is nodded, from turn to a TV program gradually for dominant with the film, include to heat up sowed TV cartoon theatrical work among them, for example, of fashionable whole world " hemp hot girl " (Kim Possible) and " civilian Queen of heaven " (Lizzie McGurie) . At that time, hold the position of Dishini accredit derives business department president install Di Monei to say, dishini is Chu Shedi only the accredit professional work that hurried of channel TV program sends person Buddhist nun, discover however " hemp hot girl " and " civilian Queen of heaven " consequence is quite abiding, the tale that crucial reason is them is remarkable, have appeal extremely to the child.

Why do dug TV program and TV cartoon have so great successful opportunity in accredit domain? The key is having firm audience at the TV program, televiewer focuses fixed consumptive group just about. The TV cartoon theatrical work that the successful heat of a few collect sows first gear often condenses giant domestic audience. Such since, business of TV program content wants to be made seriously not only, should treat them seriously more broadcast. Dishini derives accredit in make choice of before, can careful make choice of is appropriate broadcast time will broadcast the TV program that gives his, broadcast the success that time derives to accredit crucial.

Dishini derives the understanding of ability to hold to the accredit of the TV program, it is from inside operation practice summary must come, will look from the history, dishini does not have the market ability link up with of a movie production project and film figure to rise.

Be without exception, the Nikeluo that regards global children entertainment as the first brand is decided (Nickelodeon) , value oneself TV program likewise. Its are derived taste sale and toy department vice president Jimmy Danwei, think the accredit of the TV program derives as close as the TV program correlation, and TV program and audience (consumer) the relationship that keeps continual, this is very crucial factor. To it contrary, the film is about inferior, the film and audience (consumer) the relationship is not quite close, relatively inattentive, the film cannot capture the heart of the audience every day, changing character is the purse that cannot pay firm customer closely. This year is Nikeluo founds surely company 29 years, this is about to cross and stand year mature children entertainment brand, treat contrive formerly, derive accredit, program to plan to wait more keep one's eyes peeled. It is reported, ni Keluo appointed Janie · Gu De surely (Jane Gould) for vice-president, janie · Gu De studies in children entertainment medium the senior expert of the respect, she will load a Nikeluo to decide the market on catenary of whole industry operation to study the work in the round, for its the program of each respect is decision-making provide important basis, the demand that studies one of parts pay close attention to televiewer namely importantly among them turns over make a present of and interest trend.
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