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Fujian look forward to tries water to move free derive article, benefit is taste
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The near future, company of Taiwan tomorrow science and technology and cooperation of company of animation of Fuzhou gold leopard make use free figure " astral cat " , already was in of Fuzhou derive taste the market to appear. Before this, fuzhou is multicoloured use free firm, also begin will " Gan Guobao " use free figure, jump domain of tea, food from Kendeji...

As the most crucial one annulus in using free industry chain, move free derive taste the market to already was shown in my province " much dot blossoms " posture. According to statistic, home is moved free derive taste an enterprise to already amounted to on 1000, move free derive taste the market to sell dimensions to be close to 1 billion yuan.

Hall of Fujian Province Information Industry expresses about the personage, move free derive tasting the market is the gain point with move free company main, potential is tremendous, but I save move free derive taste an industry to still be in start level, want race to control this cake, still need many sided breakthrough.

Industry condition is investigated

Much territory accredit is used " Gan Guobao " benefit is tasted first

Come day after day, in Fuzhou each are big in the supermarket, although use free product at present the sale is hot, but the brand is mostly " foreign goods " , everywhere of cup of the toy that the abroad such as cat of cat of Shinubi, mickey mouse, Kitty, Pikaqiu, machine moves free film to derive, water, childen's garments is visible, and domestic brand is very few however.

According to statistic, at present the cartoon figure on the market 80% come from day, beauty, and domestic share is skimpy still 10% . But the business chance with huge market still lets stir free business ready to star wriggling-ready to make trouble, industry says, provincial especially blessing mansion of two ground move free company, already stared at went up to move free derive tasted market.

Be in early last year November, move free " Gan Guobao of professional story-telling in a local dialect " in Fuzhou each TV station broadcasts, "The 89 month before broadcasting, accredit of coronal name authority is undertaking, in broadcasting, relevant DVD sound had been issued like goods " , fuzhou is multicoloured move overflow piece of manager to think, although just started, but move free deriving the foreground that tastes an industry still is pretty good.

Making what he feels gratified fully is, " national treasure of pleasant of professional story-telling in a local dialect " during broadcasting, multicoloured move free move with China Fuzhou branch, sign paid the agreement of figure of character of cartoon of use pleasant national treasure, hold make one's rounds to perform promotion activity. After broadcasting, paid accredit Fuzhou is all Kendeji inn, use Gan Guobao blocks figure of content of a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship. Come by this year March by July, what still undertook a few months with animation setting and film data is interactive kind of conduct propaganda.
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