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Settleclear sea toy is built on move overflow downwind car special fund gives ai
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Report from our correspondent (Wang Weizhong of reporter Chen Jingying's reporter) the development as network and digital technology, move free industry to already made the burgeoning industry that is a delegate with product of game of animation cartoon, network, mobile phone game, multimedia now, be regarded as the most hopeful rising sun property in economy of 21 centuries originality. As the whole nation famed " city of Chinese toy gift " , well-known toy gift is produced and export one of base, in national torch plan be maintained exclusively " design of intelligent toy originality and production property base " , development of estate of gift of toy of settleclear sea area already was built get on the downwind car that industry of culture of animation, caricature develops, become new economy to grow window, the structural adjustment that promoted business of gift of whole area toy effectively and industry upgrade.

The personage inside course of study introduces, move free culture industry to have consumptive group lifecycle of big, product throws demand of wide, market long, high cost, high, the characteristic such as high additional cost, tall internationalization, predicting whole nation moves free industry to will have the tremendous progress space that exceeds 400 billion yuan of production value. As Guangdong toy manufacturing company is centered most, one of areas with ability of innovation of science and technology and product highest science and technology, industry of settleclear sea toy starts early, ability of collect of market smell acumen, information and analytic capability are stronger, the culture with wet Shan rich area and arts and crafts inside information, make industry of settleclear sea toy formed the ability such as more powerful product originality design, decorate design and technical development and technological process, accumulated much experience, lead position is in in market of domestic and international toy.

At present settleclear sea area already intervened first use free culture property and the company with bigger dimensions has: Beautiful of Ao Fei, Hua power, small Bai Long, art abundant, Guangdong is strange wait for a company. Among them plan of Ao Fei company invests this year pat produce a film to make " battle dragon 4 drive " wait to move work of free movie and TV 4 times, negotiating with CCTV animation limited company at the same time specific collaboration project, the win initial success in overflowing culture industry is about to use in China " Ao Fei " culture brand. Hua power company already was signed with CCTV animation limited company " small carp adventure is written down " agreement of cooperation of cartoon cartoon figure, already developed 100 many products at present, the near future begins to enter a sale.

It is reported, this year in Feburary, hua of government of settleclear sea area, Guangdong power Ao Fei of toy craft Inc. , Guangdong is moved overflow Inc. to sign cooperative agreement with CCTV animation limited company respectively, build associate of strategy of collaboration of CCTV animation project to concern, settleclear sea area becomes the designation of product of toy of CCTV animation figure to produce base. The concerned collaboration company that government of settleclear sea area of first selection of accredit of CCTV animation limited company organizes, press the demand of this company schedule, the cartoon that has cartoon of own intellectual property to its, figure and brand undertake conditional development is produced, after the cartoon classics that makes by oneself to cooperative business associate is examined, offer broadcast wait for a condition. The reporter learns about the branch from the area, produce base to make CCTV move free figure to appoint a toy with all one's strength, optimize move free industry to develop an environment, settleclear sea area appoint, district government decided recently from 2008 to 2010 3 years, 6 million yuan are arranged every year in area finance budget (3 years in all 18 million yuan) establish move free culture industry to develop special fund. The key gives aid to the following 4 kinds of enterprises: With the company that moves toy of joint development of free culture company to move free work; To the bank application loan is used at moving the company that free culture produces; To the company that moves free company to buy copyright to undertake the toy is produced; What out creates all right is sow to move the company that floods work in provincial above TV station.
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