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City of another name for Ningbo moves industry of the bag outside overflowing to
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The movie that had you seen act the leading role into dragon and Li Lianjie " the king of kongfu " ? Two people of unique luxuriant to letting a person definitely acclaim as the peak of perfection. A few days ago, ceng Can and the Shanghai apply colours to a drawing that make specially good effect of this film movie and TV limited company of animation of movie and TV is formal settle Ning Bo, brought on ten million yuan high-end film equipment and film-maker of a batch of animation just.

"Apply colours to a drawing movie and TV " it is this year what the our city introduces is large move free enterprise delegate. Since the beginning of the year, the big thrust that waits for an unit via trade bureau, city Information Industry bureau outside city is moved below, and other places of north of city of boreal logical sequence, Yin, Jiang Dong, river is arisen use free heat.

Home moves free tycoon to contend for garrison

At the beginning of this month, country is the biggest start animation business formerly -- limited company of design of animation of Shanghai water wood invests 10 million yuan, animation of wood of peaceful wave water was established to design limited company in Yin city, begin to march Zhejiang market. As we have learned, "Water wood animation " it is China achieve animation formerly get army enterprise, the company filmed with CCTV collaboration early or late newsreel of draw of the first hand of Chinese " travel notes of big Tang Xi " , cartoon of first large history of Chinese " China 5000 " and " 100 thousand why " wait for large cartoon, its product already was in 100 many channel of countrywide are broadcasted. This year, animation of wood of peaceful wave water designs the animation that limited company predicts to will be finished 5000 minutes to make, be in what declare national level actively to move at present overflow demonstrative base.

This year in June, the Jiang Dong of settle of project of animation of accipitral movie and TV that invests many yuan 2000 day by the unit such as science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and artistic center, make our city scale the biggest move orgnaization of free design, research and development. Tian Zhiying limited company tells the author about chief Zhu Jun, "Tian Zhiying " the first work that preparation gives is 52 collect move overflow teleplay, preparation takes a CCTV to broadcast.

Have the aid of of area of boreal logical sequence " apply colours to a drawing movie and TV " join in, associated high end will be recommended inside a year large move free company 5. "Apply colours to a drawing movie and TV " basically be engaged in later period of three-dimensional number specially good effect and Flash animation, game, movie and TV waiting for digital recreation product make, participate in or having game of Japanese market opportunity " OK, FAR " , CCTV " pet hospital " , domestic teleplay " fear a pioneer instead " wait for a purpose to make.
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