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Game supplier fine autograph restricts the life Le Tao net is about to divide fe
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On September 24 message, it is reported, le Tao of city of the toy on China's largest network ( as well-known as Japan toy and game supplier world fine reached cooperative agreement recently, first the product below Jiang Shijia banner introduces China. World fine the sale channel on the net of Le Tao of intended also have the aid of, will divide the sport machine market that feeds Wii of product of Ren Tiantang ace to be in China with Q3 of product of the ace below the banner.

World fine it is Japan's biggest business is used, supplier of product of family expenses recreation, be in early last centuries become one of the world's biggest game toy suppliers, and be in the recreational domain of Japan, North America, Europe establish strong position. An important official of this company expresses clearly in open circumstance, those who regard a world as strategy of fine whole world is important one annulus, the Asia that includes China inside is the area that they pay close attention to quite.

In recent years perpendicular B2C is in China the swift and violent development of the market, make world fine the union that realizes oneself product and electronic business affairs very quickly, will be its beat a competitor, enter the quickest medium of communication of Chinese market.

Although prices of sport plane sale is hot, but Suo Ni, Ren Tiantang, Microsoft happens to coincide market of absent chinese mainland. 2003, suo Ni ever introduced the PS2 game machine in global sell like hot cakes China, after experiencing the market that does not succeed a few years to explore, suo Ni abandons the development of pair of Chinese game markets. Manufacturer of another sport aircraft holds the post of heaven to ever tried to enter Chinese market, 2003 have the aid of sells the game chance that turns through China and software product in joint-stock company of home, final because sell not beautiful and fade gradually.

Current, the product of majority sport plane that sells on Chinese market all is a course " broken solution " the game CD of hardware of plane of sport of commodities from abnormal channel and pilfer edition, but the price that Wii has a simple caddy to increase on two handle only is as high as 2000 multivariate, and this kind " commodities from abnormal channel " if play pilfer edition game to be returned beautifully,undertake hundreds yuan changing to the machine machine, so although WII is opposite at PSP, Xbox for already the value is inferior, but to the delicate thing that a high threshold still is for a lot of China players.

And world fine this Le Tao lending strength rolls out in China " Q3 " have not only comparative with WII more convenient even game way and installation means (do not need to brush machine, do not need trival computer knowledge) , be less than the 1/4 that 500 yuan price is WII price only more at the same time, still be original product, this kind of substance is cheap beautiful " beautiful penny, handle a major issue " the China with impoverished to flattery design lies fallow kind of player is undoubted be very of be successful. On the problem that developing this Chinese huge market, world fine had extremely of potential China market prop up, and the user that Le Tao has group reach its convenient the potential space that sexual place brings, make fine mining reachs the age a brand-new and enormous market opportunity. Chief expresses related Le Tao, hope this collaboration can make the turning point that promotes the market the space severally not only, also hope to pass the collaboration of well-known company inside two family property at the same time, the successful example that provides a standard, conformity to still show troubled sport machine market, offer for broad user more be at ease with convenient use environment, also make both sides ceaseless in join forces of this kind of advantage at the same time outspread.
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