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Killer mace:" Innovation " and " stand fast industry of " China toy attacks and
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China is the biggest move free toy company -- Guangdong Ao Fei moves free company IPO to apply for to had succeeded to meet

Rise considerably as raw material and labour force price, below the extruding that original price advantage produces business in the new developing country such as India ceaseless and abate. All sorts of attestation cost raise, the RMB appreciates continuously and American market demand is depressed wait for an element greatly test is worn the toy company of our country. Before this year 7 months, our country toy exports 4.18 billion dollar, amplitude relatively last year the corresponding period considerably fall after a rise 22.4 percent. Our country's biggest production and exit area Guangdong, export 2.91 billion dollar, amplitude is compared last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 39 percent, many 3600 medium or small toy company exits export market, occupy 77.8% what the corresponding period exported company number last year. Face numerous enterprise to go out in succession bureau, people must ponder: How should toy industry of China do after all?

Innovate -- develop get victory " killer mace "

Come more than 20 years, the toy manufacturing industry of our country is used mostly " supplied materials is machined " manufacturing mode. According to statistic, 76.5% what China exports American toy to occupy the United States to import toy gross, occupy the 70% above of American market share, but its sale occupies American market total sales only however 40% the following, and 10% what the earnings that we achieve has commodity retail price only however, and of the others 90% be business of American toy design, agency and shopkeeper. Apparent, this kind " small profit period " very difficult long, if Chinese toy industry cannot take the route of innovation, ceaseless invention and innovation toy breed, breed have name tagvisiting card oneself, can more enterprises move toward hopeless situation, suffer fall into disuse.

Some earlier year, the toy industry of Taiwan also Ceng Yi spends shake, the price with mainland powerful product competes, reach the be current of Internet game, make the toy industry of Taiwan gets great concussion, maintain profit to become very hard. Taiwan has very strong dominant position in the computer, communication and electronic product domain at that time, the government supports an enterprise to use an advantage to develop innovation energetically, active break out of an encirclement, develop the intelligence that blends in IC technology toy eventually. Join the traditional toy of new function and baby, provide fashionable sex and interactive function more, because this walks out of predicament and Taiwan toy company began the development of advance rapidly.

Recently, guangdong Ao Fei moves IPO of free culture Inc. to apply for to had succeeded to meet, as home the biggest move free toy company, the innovation on its trade pattern is the biggest thrust that its appear on the market successfully. Change free figure open a way with be being achieved oneself, drive those who move free toy sale to grow considerably " Ao Fei type " profit pattern, still belong to innovation in home, but be used by the success already in the world old, with Japan 10 thousand for you exemple, roll out the first to use free figure from 1963 -- jib A Tong Mu up to now, had fostered many and classical use free figure, motor-driven soldier is as high as series, Aoteman to wait by classical the toy product that uses free figure to derive, already popular 20 one's remaining years. Added up to a RMB about 2007 in 10 thousand generation in 30.4 billion yuan total sales, only motor-driven soldier is as high as, battle group series, Long Zhu, unconscious face is preterhuman the income contribution rate of 4 classic form has been achieved 23.28% .
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