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Ao Fei moves toy of free October China to exhibit advocate push taste newly look
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The toy of the 7th China that will be about to hold in Shanghai in October is exhibited the assemble inside abroad brand of numerous and well-known toy, guangdong Ao Fei moves free culture Inc. to regard domestic mainland as the delegate of toy brand, after successive and old ginseng is exhibited this year once more full-dress come on stage. In the item on display that ginseng of this company of second Ao Fei exhibits, wait for traditional Ao Di except 4 drive car besides classical series toy, still having close half product is the new product that appeared on the market 2008, have Ao Fei among them the prop in drama of popular movie and TV, toy -- wisdom of EX of king of top of battle king EX, battle gets stuck and cling to the develop produce such as Q edition fair young. Move free drama to drive the research and development of own toy, sale with movie and TV, ambulate the district that floods sale is the main strategy that Ao Fei company shows level brand to extend, cooperate its 2008 advocate the toy that push is tasted newly, current exhibit on the meeting, ao Fei company still will organize a series of spot activities, those who include toy of Cosplay, girl to go beautiful inside is new article reveal a performance to will become those who exhibit meeting site " charming " dot, the leisurely ball ace that ever gained the championship on world contest additionally also will show up the expert consummate skill that shows them.
Will be October below will exhibit in Chinese toy on Ao Fei uses the part that appear free taste newly:
Wisdom of battle king EX gets stuck

"Wisdom of battle king EX gets stuck " it is domestic head money have have film property right oneself, own research and development and become part changes type card to be opposite war game. The concept comes from this product to photograph film especially " battle king EX " , have the blackart element with the card computational means, rich numerical value that redesigns the battle mode with elegant card, particular result, innovation; Combination of card allowing card and tactics more diversity, make participator was enjoying pair of battle fun to move politic carry in order to and logistic capacity at the same time, memory and force of the mental arithmetic power that also needs participator height concentration, meet an emergency, let you can be in mental training while also can enjoy the fun that devise clever strategies.

Top of battle king EX

  Top of battle king EX is Ao Di company 8 years advocate the product that promote, have flywheel series, be out of shape series, flywheel is out of shape series. They are innovation product of 8 years, be in what top rose on the foundation of the product before to be able to enjoy a sex, be out of shape especially series product, in the change that the child can produce figure in the process to battle, get the child's welcome.
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