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China uses free property: Do one lack the originality industry of originality?
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Use the main component of free week as adolescent of the 2nd China International, 2008 China International move free industry to develop height forum to was held in Harbin city a few days ago. Expert attending the meeting points out, although in recent years China moves free industry to obtain rapid development, dan Yingqing wakes the ground sees, move free property is out of line with what move free education, the problem such as the lacks estrangement person with ability lack that changes free work originality is restricting China to use the development that overflows an industry.

   Is originality industry short of originality?

Regard culture originality as typical delegate of the industry, home moves those who overflow an industry to be originality all the time to be short of break a worry.

Market of culture ministry culture grows central director Hu Yueming to think, the author lacks understanding to culture element is one of causes that cause home to still do not have good work to appear at present. "If new generation author cannot understand marrow of culture of Chinese element, China adequately, precipitate without culture, it is to pat do not come out of good work. It is to pat do not come out of good work..

As we have learned, 2008 the 4th China International moves work of the bear the palm that flood a part in, every investment cost is in at least 10 million yuan of above, but box-office and best work also is controlled 6 million yuan only.

"Move free work to lack innovation to design train of thought, all stories, if can see from inside ' of ' blue cat, that also can see from inside ' of ' black cat, ceaselessly follow rules, without novel thing, this is we go out not to come the crucial reason " of good work, hu Yueming says.

Ou Yangyi ice thinks, must want to have on modelling strange think of clever want, " of " kongfu panda has imagination very much, it used a lot of China elements, be in a series of is full of to surprise think of clever in the scenario that consider and conception, behaved a " person " that does not know wushu completely, how did one pace realize wushu essence, that is " world what accident happens possibly, the " that you can create. Because it has Chinese element,people loves it is not just, the meaning " what accident that more important is its place expression produces " possibly, because people is right,next generation expect so namely, want you to be able to struggle only, you can stay to this world bright.

Hu Yueming says: "Present work lacks home humour and integrated modelling originality. The model of abroad that uses free star has very deep culture factor, for instance the Tang Dynasty old duck is taking headband, dress bluejacket is taken, and home uses free model too simple, it is without humorous idea inside, without originality, integrated modelling ability is lacked badly. Integrated modelling ability is lacked badly..
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