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French media reports China a lot of exit toy manufacturer close down
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France " echo signs up for " ( will report on October 17, hong Kong adds up to handsome company to be set in the two toys factory of Guangdong Dongguan to close down recently, cause 7000 workers unemployment. Add up to handsome company to be relied on overly export a toy to the United States, and of American market fatigued and weak, make its became the victim of crisis of developed country economy.
Additional, a few this years the RMB appreciates, raw material rises in price, labor cost rises also is the cause that causes toy factory to close down.

Because manufacturer of production of toy of a few diminutive is inobservant strict quality standard dig one's own grave, produced much question toy, 2007 by recall.
This year first 7 months, china has had factory of many 3600 toy to close down, remain factory of about 3500 toys to still be in only production.
The crisis of this group course of study basically is in Chinese Guangdong centrally, toy factory of the whole world is over there. China is the toy exit country with the biggest whole world, its the toy sale 2007 achieves 17 billion, 60% what occupy global gross about.

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