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Plastic toy exhibits England attract thousands of audience
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Recently, in England the plastic toy that a break fresh ground held in an old factory building is exhibited, say its break a new path, because this is the exhibition that a cinemagoer, building confusing, military affairs confuses happy amid,be.

Hold high the absolutely cavalier of laser sword is amounted to especially, the F111 battleplan with powerful firepower, have the B2 bomber of concealed body function, have the overhead railway bridge that the train crosses, still have this fully armed battleship, can you believe what make with plastic toy and become to these are? These annual plastic toys that hold in England namely exhibit the item on display that go up. The plastic toy of hundreds wonderful artical excelling nature drew the look of children not only, also make old people exclaim unceasingly.

Among them a lot of item on display, it is the time that the adult used a few months, use on 10 thousand happy tall plastic tab to finish. Enter exhibit an area, you seemed to enter time tunnel. Here has the old water wagon previously already, also have contemporary luxurious passenger liner, still have the orbit liaison man of prospective city.

Of course, make what the person gasps in admiration most or this giant battleship, not only the fort above is OK activity, the kitten that gets on even board also is lifelike. To now, the toy is exhibited before drawing thousands of person, will look around, interesting is, the organizer discloses, the amount of adult audience had exceeded the child's amount far.

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