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Wood: 2008 London design a part " wood content language "
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Architect: TEN

London designs a part (London Design Festival) only then 2003, hold every year, its tenet accomplishs the design that reflects contemporary England in the round namely, because this annual London designs a metropolis,include exhibition of several top class designs and design forum.

The following this a series of woodiness small product included to feed bird rack, candlestick, toy small truck, stationery wearing, key is hanged etc. A series of this woodiness toy out designs a group " TEN " hand, TEN is team of a design, he can create a work that reveals TEN drive every year: Be consumed in Gao Shuiping and slam the door the time of culture reveals the design attitude that gives them. The work that they create this year grasps the creation concept that supporting true, kind, low spending, then " WOOD " (wood) the creation subject that became them.

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