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Market of Russia juvenile products has the latent capacity of development
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Will report on September 10 according to net of Russia RBC market research, at present market of Russia juvenile products is one of markets with most rapid development, year growth range is 15-25% . Russia " company of northwest credit information " (о of р of е of в of е of С of м of р of о of ф of н of И of д of К р е - д of а of З а п ) the expert that analyses a branch thinks, children clothing, toy, food and shoe kind be 0 to market of 3 years old of juvenile products most staple commodity. The yield with these commodity and other product higher than having photograph and sale.

Afore-mentioned products have the characteristic of its oneself and specialty to sub market. Children clothing market is right new student and child having the largest contribution with product commerce, because this is considered as in market of Russia children clothing,have one of development foreground, markets that have appeal most most, its year of growth range for 10% . Besides, children shoe kind the growth that the market also appears a positive development trend and stability, what because differ,the consumer of the category pledges to the product the quantity expects to be worth is ceaseless rise, year of amplitude of this market it is about 7% .

Market of toy of same Russia children also shows huge growth. Of sale of market of toy of children of the last few years year all amplitude is about 30% . The Russia homeland that different sort has had on Russia market at present and the toy that the foreign country produces and game.

The phase that at present market of Russia children food is lying to develop actively. And whole comes up say, market of Russia children food is one of markets with development most swift and violent impetus (year growth range is 10-25% about) . The characteristic of children food market is as follows: Buy the trend through absorbing what the proposal of modern science considers consumer and undertake to line of the products ceaseless amplification is mixed newer.

Meanwhile, russia homeland and the whole set that the foreign country produces need the product reachs product of its independent form a complete set, be like children clothing, shoe kind, toy and food, undertake selling in the market not only, also be in at the same time the store of modern professional children of different type undertakes selling. The expert thinks, the sale kind that has an outlook most will be site of commerce of center of discount store, inventory, brand.

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