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3 beautiful gull develop souvenir of custom-built and particular newly-married n
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3 Li Ou companies of Japanese begin from January 27, accept those who regard bridal souvenir as commodity to order a service, can imitate the goods of this Hello Kitty of part of aperture of conjugal face of two new personality and person energy of life, it is the new merchandise that cooperates with Dear Daniel company limited " 3 beautiful gull commemorate a model " .

"3 beautiful gull commemorate a model " , make bridal sweethearts model for prototype with the photograph of new personality, and the model that deserves to have Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. The price is contain tax 75600 yen, from accept order goods the need that finish is controlled 45 days. Company of 3 beautiful gull shows, expecting a client to basically come from bridegroom · him bride, familial, the friend waits for the demand of bridal gift.

In last few years, the extensive group that 3 beautiful gull also include inside with market of tall age male is a target, undertaking the deepness of Kitty brand is permeated. This model commodity also is involving such market, belong to the person gas that uses Kitty to increase famous spent commodity.

The toy commodity of respecting bride correlation, a few days ago, the life game that Takaratomy just began custom-built commodity " bridal edition " engage manufacturing service. Because population decreases, contractible state is in the children market inside Japan to last ceaselessly, to toy industry, the cultivate virgin soil of adult market begins to become important. In in that way setting, with the souvenir market that bridal demand heads, make the market that your person will pay close attention to henceforth.

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