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The toy rebukes bribe of camera burglar person hides to be obtained inside the e
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England is Liverpudlian have graduate of science of card of an ancient bronze mirror, take the wicked person of grandmother gold secretly for arrest, brainwave is touched, hide inside ursine eye of a toy a camera, film successfully the cottage hill true appearance of thief.

Message of group of astral island news, thinking up those who use toy bear to serve as emissary tool is Sangpusen of 21 years old, 75 years old of her grandmother discover to door have things stolen is shut in Home Woerdu before Saierma is early, the money without reason inside vanity disappears without trace.

Sang Pusen and father Rob of 46 years old decide to be inside ursine eye of a toy especially hide miniature camera, sleep what it puts in grandmother inside the room, it is inside vanity purse 3 pieces of par value made mark on 20 pound, result success obtains stolen goods of the person that steal bandit. Steal bandit to be not others, however the close-fitting nurse Allan of grandmother. Allan of 28 years old admits two theft guilt, be cut into parts to conviction by the court last week, sentence inspect 6 months.

Because horse of Er of a place of strategic importance suffers from leukaemia, rob invites Allan to take care of a mother accordingly especially. Horse of Er of a place of strategic importance of Dan Mou day says to there were 40 pounds to disappear inside vanity purse to the son, father daughter suspects Robert at that time is Allan place is. For fish truth, sang Pusen is then inside grandmother purse marked of 3 pieces of 20 pound, spent 55 pound to buy camera of a miniature in place again next.

Because camera resembles the eye with ursine toy, think up then put it in sleep inside the eye with an ursine toy inside the room, ling Ailun is aware of hard. Sang Pusen thinks of the likelihood wants to spend time of one end length originally, ability takes the appearance of wicked person. But want to be less than Allan to feed pith to know ingredient, do it to the purse of grandmother again, final person bribe is obtained. Sang Pusen calls the police subsequently, show photograph what reached mark like extract is soft, move Allan send deal with according to law.

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