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Japanese exit toy rises in price current pressure is highlighted
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From Chinese toy association understanding arrives, china rises in price to what Japan exports a toy tide has begun to make Japan feels pressure. Japanese media says recently, the China such as dress, toy, acoustics loses day product value relatively the corresponding period rose significantly last year, begin to rise to the prices inside Japan bring pressure.

Imported amount to be 15 trillion yen from China 2007, occupy Japan to import the 20 % of amount about. The finance affairs that seize day saves trade statistic, china is defeated by day product price index to turn from 2004 be since be worth, 2007 relatively rose last year 7.7 % .

Wages rises make labor cost rises, the RMB appreciates etc, push directly lose Japanese product value high. Nevertheless, the sound that comes from Chinese toy company is however: The price rises not quite quickly still, do not follow to go up cost rises the rate that reachs a RMB to appreciate. The expert expresses, overseas customer reduces consumption possibly when prices rises, chinese manufacturer still feels profitless however and reducing export, this kind of paradoxical situation makes the whole world consumes farther hasten likely weak.

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