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Duck of 250 thousand toys compares England who swims quickly
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Recently, the toy duck contest with annual England is held ceremoniously in London, plastic toy duck is in 250 thousand blue peaceful interview spreads out on person river intense compete for. Duck players brought joy to the audience not only, still got money of be apt to for beneficent orgnaization collect.

The toy duck contest this year attracted numerous London citizen not only, still invited the British gig athlete that just wins gold of Beijing Olympic Games to install Di Huoji to open contest for the match. Chirp sound rings, cong Hanpu of 250 thousand plastic ducks enters the water at the same time near palace suddenly set out, river water was caught by small duck players immediately bright beautiful blue. As peaceful interview the natural current of person river, duck people began them to be as long as of 1 kilometer compete for contest. Although when the match calm also did not concern, the organizer drives a duck early with respect to billow of ready artificial water people ongoing. This activity aims to plan market fund for charity. It is OK that people spends 2 pounds claim a duck, if be willing,add 3 pound to be able to donate appointed beneficent orgnaization directly again. Number of the duck when signing up is generated automatically, the host that takes the lead in finally arriving at terminal duck can acquire the stake of 10 thousand pound, next 30 winners also have money reward. To protect an environment, the meeting after the organizer is surpassed salvages these plastic ducks entirely. Interesting is, the color of the duck became blue from traditional yellow this year, because somebody appeared when the match last year,this is in the duck that takes part in the match oneself maize duck interfuse formally, bring not little trouble to the organizer.

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The match at the beginning, by " close " the duck in tailor-made duck circle people by at the same time " bang " in next rivers, as peaceful interview the natural current of person river, these ducks began them to be as long as instantly of 1 kilometre compete for contest. If when the match calm, will make labour of choose and employ persons builds billow to serve as a duck people seaborne impetus.

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