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A of Guangdong Ao Fei sprint move free toy company first times
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Long-term since, derive the one big soft costal region that tastes development sluggish epigenesis to develop to use free property. Current, hopeful of this one condition as A move free toy the first times to appear on the market the birth of the company and change.
A few days ago, home moves company of free toy bibcock -- Guangdong Ao Fei moved free culture Inc. to be able to submit a hair application to card inspect, will meet on September 1. Grab a beach in succession in tycoon of foreign capital toy below the setting of home market, the Guangdong Ao Fei that moves delegate of free toy company as the nation whether obtain A admittance card, cause the wide attention of people.
Move free toy to be nodded high into profit system
From 1993 sortie toy industry arrives seek appears on the market today, the development that president Cai Dong Qing witnesses Guangdong Ao Fei and participated Chinese toy industry and pulsatile, become what in recent years Chinese toy industry grows quickly the biggest win the home. Guangdong Ao Fei realized the business income of 497 million 2007, sit firmly head of dimensions of sale of domestic toy company an ancient folding chair.
As a result of company of our country most toy with OEM (accredit sticks a card to produce) producer type is given priority to, competition ability is not strong, sale shift is given priority to with traditional price competition. In last few years, suffer a RMB to appreciate, salary and raw material rise in price, export a doorsill carry advanced element to perplex, the gain level of domestic toy industry shows downtrend.
"From the point of trend of foreign toy development, use free toy product more and more get the welcome of the market. Resemble be out of shape the brand toy such as King Kong, Aoteman, it is the basis uses free movie and TV piece medium relevant figure undertakes designing, and by use free movie and TV piece broadcast the product that drives its to sell. Current, move free toy to wait for the country that uses free culture industry to develop to already made one of toy product categories with these the mainest countries in the United States, Japan. The abidance that uses free property as home warms up, china moves those who flood toy market to erupt type develops already can be expected soon. " Cai Dongqing did such depicting to the trend of toy market.
Since 2004, guangdong Ao Fei already gradually business centre of gravity by traditional toy to move free toy transition. Up to 2008 1 quarter, 69.68% what the company moves the sales revenue that overflows a toy to had achieved company business income, the proportion that sells gross profit to occupy a company to always sell gross profit is 90.40% .
Financing basically is used at moving free movie and TV to make
Face move free toy to be in China the enormous size of the market, well-known trademark enterprise grabs foreign toy in succession beach home market. According to statistic, 2005, entrance of our country toy is 312 million dollar only, predict to 2008 entrance of our country toy will amount to 883 million dollar, 2.83 times was 2005.
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