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Plane of sport of PSP of Japanese new fund be about to put on sale
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All alone computer entertainment company announced the Buddhist nun recently, will be in Japan on October 16 this year put on sale the 3rd acting PSP is portable sport plane, the price is nineteen thousand eight hundred yen (1 dollar closes 109 yen) about.
Afp reports, this the name is " PSP-3000 " new generation PSP uses screen of high resolution liquid crystal, picture colour is more bright-coloured. Sport plane still was used refuse reflection technology, can make game player outdoors easier watch clear screen.
New fund PSP is inside machine wrong lower part buy microphone, can cooperate a translation software to use, still can use network phone through wireless LAN " Skype " . Although the function is more diversiform, but its weight and bulk and PSP of the 2nd generation are indiscriminate.
Suo Ni expresses, the hope adds the function of GPS and radio further in future, make PSP becomes people " life style things " .
Magazine of major of Japanese electron game " Enterbrain " the data that publish shows, the PSP owner of more than 80% listens morely with it song, see a movie, store the photograph perhaps gets online, game function is used discharge instead at the back.

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